Review: Unity #13

Unity #13
Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Cafu
Colorist: Brian Rebel
Cover Artist: CAFU, Glenn Fabry, Rafael Albuquerque

Being a Valiant reviewer is, at times, one of the hardest things that I (as an avid comic reader) can do, being that they always put out a quality product. This issue is no exception. As in the previous issues, as well as the Armor Hunters storyline have done, the Unity team is in full effect and now just as visual.

Matt Kindt’s writing in this issue is superb as he makes you feel both sorry for the antagonists as well as shine some doubt on the protagonists. Cafu’s art and Brian’s colors pull you more into the story than the words can do alone. The standout in this issue is Faith. Her view of the world seems to be the stark contrast to her teams view of the world.

In short, this issue is just one fraction of what Valiant is all about. Fast paced adventure with stories that stretch beyond it’s own covers.

Rating: 5 Out of 5

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