Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.11 “Coup de Grace”

**Spoiler Alert** If you haven’t watch last Wednesday episode, beware!

In this week’s episode the Grounders and “Sky people” seem to have finally started to work peacefully.  As peaceful as you can get planning a war.   Last week’s episode left Bellamy in a bad situation, he has been selected for harvest. Now, Bellamy is locked up with the rest of the Grounders. A female Grounder named Echo (thanks IMDB!) is not happy to be cage neighbors with Bellamy and spits on him. He realizes that she must have not heard the news that they were now allies and makes a snarky comment. (To be fair, she has been a little preoccupied.)

Jasper is having a hard time holding it together since Monty has been missing for a couple of days. Maya reminds him not to do anything to attract attention, so he goes to President Warren’s office, threatens him with a sword, and demands to know where his friends are.  President Warren gets the upper hand, but still admits that he has lied about certain things. He doesn’t know what Cage and Dr. Tsing is doing to Jasper’s friends, but he has an idea where to find them. Instead of turning him into his security he tells Jasper that he will help him find his friends.

On the way back to Camp Jaha, two mountain men attempt to take out Clarke. Luckily Octavia and Indra attack them and they miss the shot killing a nearby Grounder instead. One of the men is still alive, but has sustained injuries from being contaminated by the air. They take him back to camp in hopes that he can give them information about the other Mountain Men. Abby expresses concern for her daughter’s role as a leader and the constant dangers it presents. She tries to console her, but Clarke tells her that an attempt on her life is “just another day on the ground.” It is the sad truth of their reality.

Back at Mt. Weather, Bellamy is picked for immediate harvest. He is strung up and starts to be slowly drained. Luckily, Maya decides to snoop around there again. Realizing quickly that Bellamy is not a Grounder. She wakes him up and starts to free him when Officer Lovejoy interrupts her. She quickly makes an excuse about being curious and advises him that Bellamy seems to be dead. He brings his body down and Bellamy attacks. They struggle for a bit, but Bellamy gains the advantage with the help of the locked up Echo and chokes him to death. He takes his clothes, tells Echo that he would be back for all of them, then leaves for the dorm with Maya.

President Warren and Jasper walk in on Dr. Tsing just as she starts to take more bone marrow from Harper. He demands his officers free both of them and lock the doctor up. He announces that he is going to let Jasper and the others go back to their people. (YAY!) Jasper, Monty, and Harper go back to the dorms to tell everyone they are going home. President Warren’s next stop is to find Cage. He hopes that he isn’t a part of harvesting the kids, but quickly finds out his son has betrayed him. He tells Cage, “You’re a stain on our legacy.” Cage tells him that their legacy was already stained with the blood of thousands grounders (Burn!). When the President tries to have his son locked up, he realizes that they all work for Cage now. The promise of fresh air is too enticing. They instead, take the President and lock him up. Cage is now in charge which is not good for Jasper’s group.

On they way to the dorms, Bellamy starts to realize that there are innocent people living in Mt. Weather, including children. “What did you expect to find here?” Maya asked. They had almost reached the inside of the dorms when they are quickly locked up. Jasper starts to panic, but sees Bellamy through the window of the locked doors. Maya instead takes Bellamy to the hidden radio in the art room.

Clarke is almost ready to give up, but Raven tells her to basically suck it up. As they are talking, they hear Bellamy on the radio. He tells Clarke that they need a new plan that doesn’t involve killing everyone in the mountain, she agrees. She lets him on her plan to release the Grounders inside. That plan will only work if Bellamy is not detected.  She decides she must distract the Mountain Men with the war outside. Part of the plan includes sending the captured guard back to Mt. Weather with a message. He is supposed to tell his leader that they are coming for him, but they will stop if all of their people are released unharmed. Abby doesn’t agree with this and tries to stop her, but is pressured by Grounders who will only listen to Clarke. Clarke declares, “You may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge.” Abby backs down after Marcus suggests that they trust Clarke’s plan.

In this episode, President Warren has proven that he does stick to his word. His only desire is to be in the fresh air again, but refuses to use innocent teenagers to do it. I get the sense that he is feeling too guilty about how they treat the Grounders, but justifies by thinking of them as only animals. It was only a matter of time before Cage took over. He had been working behind his father’s back for too long and seems more desperate to reclaim his “birth right.” Clarke never trusted the President, but compared to Cage she should have given him more of a chance.

Also in this episode they focused on the distancing relationship between Abby and Clarke. Abby is always going to worry about Clarke (it is a parent thing), but she needs to understand that her daughter is not the same person she was on the Ark. Some of the tensest moments have been between the Ark leaders and the children they sent to the ground. They still view them as children and want to shelter them, but it is already too late. They have already adapted to their new environment and are now strong adults. Yet, the “grown ups” still want to come in and run the show. In the Grounder’s eyes Clarke has proven her worth and that is why they view her as the leader of the “sky people.” The last couple of weeks there have been growing tension between Abby and Clarke, but this week it finally was addressed when Clarke declared she is in charge. Will Abby leave it at that? Or will she continue to fight against the strong changes in her daughter?


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