Top o’ the Lot: Comic Book Movie Soundtracks

From time to time Outright Geekery brings you a slanted and biased opinion on some trivially specific topic of geekery. We call it Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot.

Music is the heart and soul of film. Its importance simply cannot be understated. With just a few bars from the score a film can changes the mood completely, and a great soundtrack can take a movie-lover back to those onscreen moments without ever having to turn on a screen. And since we’re all about the geek, our movies of choice are of the comic book persuasion. So, without further ado, we just pick all of those, adore original songs, and can’t help but love the classics, in Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Comic Book Movie Soundtracks.

Honorable Mention: Every Batman Movie

And I do mean all of them! From the ’66 Batusi disco-a-go-go, to the ’89 flick with score by Danny Elfman and original music by Prince, to the rest of Elfman’s following work on that trilogy, to Hans Zimmer on Nolan’s reboot, it’s all amazing work by truly talented individuals. Too many songs to post, so you get Batdance by Prince.

 5) Scott Pilgrim

This soundtrack may be great because of Beck, but it’s awesome because it’s a singular depiction of the comic book on which it was based. It just fits perfectly!

 4) The Crow

On order to make this list the soundtrack had to be great all on its own, add to the film in a considerable way, and be music that I really dig. That third requirement really pushed this pick o’ the Lot to the number 4 spot. Yes, the music added a bit, but I I’m just a huge fan of this genre. Pantera, Rollins Band, Rage Against the Machine! Yeah, I love those bands, and I love this movie! Here’s the whole damn soundtrack, and it’s great from start to finish.

 3) Superman

Easily the best known scored superhero theme songs of all time, the ’78 Superman film was a landmark triumph thanks in no small part to composer John Williams. Instantly recognizable and a huge part of setting the film’s mood, every song on this soundtrack is amazing, but the main theme is still the most well known.

 2) Watchmen

The top two spots on this Top o’ the Lot go to two films that used retro pop music in two completely different ways. While the top spot used it to add a unique sense of humor, Watchmen used music to gives viewers a real-world association to the events of a fictional superhero world of the 1980s. The music really links the changes in history together, making everything a (bit) easier to understand.

1) Guardians of the Galaxy

When I first learned about the soundtrack for this movie; a soundtrack full of 70s and 80s pop hits, I was confused and concerned. It was a sci-fi movie, after all. Everything sure did work out in the end, didn’t it? I listen to this all the time!

See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.

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