Review: Death Vigil #6

Oh man, this latest issue of Death Vigil really hits hard. Or as they say on Reddit, “hits you in the feels”. Hats off to Stjepan Sejic for once again making this series such a fun read. This has to be the darkest chapter in the series yet, as Bernardette’s past comes back and bites her hard. This could very well be the “Empire” moment of the series, as our heroes have just suffered a great loss and followed up with Bernie’s imprisonment at the hands of Maria Benes.

Back in issue #5, we learned the history between Allistor and Bernie, along with the reason why their relationship is so cold. This factors greatly into the events towards the end of issue #6. It’s been nearly two months since issue #5, so I went and read it as a refresher. Certainly helps in understanding the motivations behind Wulf and Maria actions against the members of Death Vigil.

The Good

There was so much going on in this issue. The Death Vigil openly confronts the necromancers in New York City. Reminiscent from scene in the Avengers movie, Marlene thanks the officers for their assistance but asks them to get innocent people to safety. The members of the Vigil care about people but when necromancers attacking out in the open, the members are dealing with a new aspect they’re not accustom to: operating so openly.

We are formally introduced to two other members of the Death Vigil: Chiyoko and Valdo. They make a pretty effective kill team.

The James and Mia selfie. It’s adorable.

The Bad

I was somewhat bothered by just how well prepared Maria was to take on Death Vigil. Maria Benes goes from being a researcher to a cold and calculating mastermind. She’s on a schedule and time is running out for her. She strikes a deal to Abyss, a archdemon, in issue #5 to step up the timetable. And for the most part of, as this issue goes, she’s imprisoned Bernie and assumed the mantle of The Reaper. Did the Dreamer’s Codex provide such detailed information to her to accomplish this?

Also, what’s up with Clara?

The Verdict

This is the issue that might have the most impact on the series to date. The series only has two more issues to go and I expect those remaining issues to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Sejic’s artwork and story have kept me reading Death Vigil month after month. I hate having to wait a month because I want to see how the members of the Death Vigil bounce back after what’s happened in this issue. Not to mention, Sejic’s run on Rat Queens starts in February. There’s going to be so much Sejic next month!


Story: 4 Out of 5
Art: 5 Out of 5
Overall: 4.5 Out of 5


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