Eaglemoss Shows Off New Additions to ‘Star Trek’ Starships Collection

I’m a big fan of these replica Star Trek Starships from Eaglemoss. I started with the Enterprise-D last year, and Eaglemoss has unveiled the 40th-48th installment of the Official Starships Collection though their official blog, Herocollector. There’s a couple of head-scratchers, some must-haves, and a surprise or two that I just cannot wait to get my hands on. See the entire Starship collection from Eaglemoss. More after the fold, ENGAGE!

#40) Enterprise-B

Star Trek Starships Enterprise-BFrom Star Trek Generations, the ship that killed Captain Kirk (kind of) The Enterprise-B. Promised to be more than a Excelsior knockoff, Eaglemoss is putting a lot of effort to get the distinctions between the vessels just right.

41) Klingon Raptor

Star Trek Starships Klingon RaptorFrom Enterprise, this is the first new Klingon ship to appear in that series Nice, but not spectacular.

42) USS Pasteur
Star Trek Starships Pasteur

Captain Beverly Crusher’s Olympic Class hospital ship from the series finale of TNG, the Pasteur is, in a word, different. But I love it!

43) Species 8472 bioshipStar Trek Starships 8472

This is a weird one, but I’d expect nothing less from Species 8472.

44) IntrepidStar Trek Starships 22ndCIntrepid

This is a rare one. From Enterprise, if you don’t know it, you’re not going to know it.

45) Malon Export VesselStar Trek Starships MalonExportVessel

The closest thing to a garbage scow in Trek, the detail on this replica is amazingly precise. It looks just as corroded as the onscreen ship.

46) Enterprise-CStar Trek Starships Enterprise-C

YES! YES YES! The 24th century Ambassador Class starship from the TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise is one I’ve been waiting for since this collection was announced. I love that episode! I love their sacrifice! I love the aftermath! I love this ship!!

47) Negh’varStar Trek Starships Negh'var

This is a classic Klingon starship, but it’s had several onscreen representations. Eaglemoss is going with the The Way of the Warrior TNG episode design, and that’s just fine with me. My bet is we see more versions of this vessel down the road.

48) Armored VoyagerStar Trek Starships Voyager armored

Last and certainly not least is one of my favorite pieces in the entire line. From the series finale of Voyager, Endgame, comes the revamped U.S.S. Voyager with the anti-Borg ablative armor a future Admiral Janeway brought to the Delta Quandrant. It’s a beautiful piece that’s quickly moved to the top of my personal Want List.

The Verdict

It’s a hit or miss with some of these choices. I’m not sure we needed a Malon freighter or the old-school Intrepid, but some of these ships, like the Pasteur and the Species 8472, are special to a certain segment of Trek fans. But then there’s the Enterprise-B, -C, and that Klingon Negh’var that are simply must-have for ANY true Trek fan. Despite the mixed-bag, however, Eaglemoss, as always, is spot-on brilliant with the details on each and every issue of this series. Ask your local comic shop monger about these, or check the Eaglemoss website for more details.

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