Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.10 “Survival of the Fittest”

**Spoilers** If you haven’t watch Wednesday’s The 100, read at your own risk!

In latest episode, everyone has separated from the group, as they try to find the best solution to save their people in Mt. Weather. Bellamy and Lincoln make a plan to infiltrate the underground civilization using Lincoln’s past as a Reaper. Marcus and Indra try their best to work together while they train their respective warriors. Clarke strategizes with Lexa on the best battle plan, but has issues with an objective Grounder. For this week’s summary, I break storyline into separate sections. Why? Because I can.

Bellamy and Lincoln:

Bellamy’s plan to sneak into Mt. Weather is in full motion, as he and Lincoln make their way through the forest to the mining tunnels. Their brilliant plan consists of Lincoln returning to his Reaper past and using Bellamy as his prisoner. It is so simple really, once the Mountain Men come to get the new prisoners, Lincoln is supposed to attack everyone while Bellamy sneaks in through the hatch door. Sounds easy, right?

On their way Bellamy tries to bond with Lincoln by accepting his and Octavia’s relationship. Saying that Lincoln has made her stronger in the process. Lincoln rebuttals with the fact that “she was already strong.” Here we also learn that Lincoln has met a Sky person before (apparently they had suicide by Earth, before Bellamy’s time). Lincoln’s father forced him to kill the stranger. He says, “The world has been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.” Lincoln never wanted to have that animal mentality that most of his people have. It explains his early fascinations with the “sky people” and why he saved Octavia’s life.

As they make their way through the entrance of the tunnel, Lincoln spots a vile with a small amount of the “Cerberus” drug. The way he looked at, well, it was like an alcoholic longing for that sweet taste of booze. Though he crushed it with his foot and they both moved on, it seems like Lincoln is not ready to face his recent nightmare. They run into the Reapers, who still think Lincoln is one of them. They line up Bellamy with the rest of the day’s prisoners as Dr. Singh determines who goes into the Cerberus program and who gets harvested (just another day at Mt. Weather). Instead of attacking the unsuspecting Mountain Men, Lincoln lets them inject him with that delicious red stuff, proving my theory that this was a BAD PLAN! Lincoln just lies there, basking in his post injection high, as Dr. Singh takes away Bellamy for harvest. Not cool, Lincoln.

Clarke and Lexa:

Clarke and Lexa are still at the village, trying to figure out the best plan to attack Mt. Weather. Clarke wants to place her faith in Bellamy while, Lexa is not so sure. One of the Grounders named Quint opposes Clarke, calling her “girl” as if it is a negative thing. Which made me scream out, “HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR HIGH COMMANDER?” Apparently Quint didn’t get the memo that Clarke is not just a girl, but also a pretty badass one. He blames Clarke for the death of his brother, who died in “the ring of fire” which was just one her ingenious ideas. Clarke goes to take a walk to cool off after Lexa agrees that relying on Bellamy is not the best plan.

While on a beautiful walk through the woods, Clarke realizes Quint is following her. He taunts her and then disappears. As she pauses to look around, an arrow hits the tree next to her.   Quint is trying to get revenge, great. She runs, eventually find Major Bryne, who is supposed to be her security guard. Well, at least someone is safe now, except for the whole MISSING AN ARM THING. Bryne falls over dead only after telling Clarke to save herself. Quint finally catches up to Clarke, almost overpowering her, until Lexa and one of her guards stops him. Lexa demands that Clarke kill Quint, but she hesitates. Instead they are interrupted by loud animal sounds in the bushes. “Pauna,” Lexa says with fear in her face, she cuts Quint in the leg, leaving him as an appetizer for the beast. Bye Quint, it wasn’t that nice knowing you!

Lexa, Clarke, and nameless guard make it to cement structure that is covered in animal blood and guts. Oh, it is just the “Pauna” feeding ground, perfect hiding spot. As they try to find a way out there is rustling in the bushes. The “Pauna” emerges to reveal a huge gorilla that just happens to like the delectable taste of flesh! What happened to the world? The animal beats the nameless guard to death, while the girls watch. Clarke takes multiple shots at it, but it doesn’t do much damage. Finally she shoots enough to make a break for it. Here, is where I realize they are in the ruins of a zoo, fun! They almost make it through a small door when the gorilla gets a hold of Lexa. Clarke pulls her through, closing the door on the beast. They take shelter in a nearby room, where Lexa tells Clarke that she shouldn’t have saved her.

Lexa thinks that Clarke saving her shows weakness. Clarke admits that one of the reasons she didn’t leave her was because she needs her alive. If she died, the person replacing her would not keep the alliance going. Clarke learns that the Grounders believe that their commanders are reincarnated, so technically the new leader would know who Clarke is and trust her. Who knows if Clarke believes that, but she still isn’t going to take any chances in leaving Lexa for dead.

Eventually, the gorilla finds them and tries to break down the door. They trick the animal by letting it into the room, slipping out, and locking the door behind them. While resting nearby, Lexa admits that Clarke is stronger than she thought and they are back on the road to becoming best friends. While listening to the distant roars of the gorilla fighting to get out of his new cage, Clarke comes up with a new plan for Mt. Weather. Telling Lexa, that they already have an army inside, they just need someone to let them out. Lexa agrees to rely on Bellamy infiltrating Mt. Weather. So… about that plan…

Marcus, Indra, Octavia, and Jaha:

Marcus and Indra work together at Camp Jaha to train their warriors. Things started a little rough when a Grounder picked a fight with Murphy over his role in the massacre. Not that I feel bad for the guy, but Murphy can never win. In the massacre situation, he could have stopped Finn by shooting him, but that would have lead to his own people hating him (more).   All I can say is, it sucks to be Murphy. The confrontation between him and the Grounder leads to more people fighting, but eventually Indra and Marcus get everyone under control. Meanwhile, Jaha makes it known that he doesn’t like the alliance and thinks the Grounders will try to kill all their people after they get what they want. Marcus, being the reasonable one, is trying his best to make sure they have no reason to.

Octavia decides that she wants to be a warrior and tries to train with the Grounders, but Indra refuses to let her. While Marcus’s guard practices their shooting skills they notice some Grounders are interested in learning. Indra stops it saying that they don’t need guns. Marcus learns from Octavia that the Grounders have been taught to think that if they were to ever even pick up a gun, the Mountain Men would wipe out their whole village. He realizes that, while he doesn’t know much about their new allies, Octavia might be the key to learning more.

Jaha seeks out Murphy, who shares his opinions on the new alliance. He asks Murphy to help him go back to the drop ship to visit Wells’ gravesite. On the way there, Jaha tells him that remembers his father. That he remembers everyone that he ever floated during his chancellor days. When they get to the gravesite, Murphy tells Jaha the truth about his son’s death blaming him for having way too much blood on his hands. While Jaha believes that the sacrifices were essential for finally bringing his people to the ground. Jaha decides to rest at the ship for a while before going back to camp. There he tells Murphy of his plan to find the ‘City of Light’ and invites Murphy to join him. They bond over the growing resentment for their people that constantly judge and imprison them. The next morning, Murphy awakes to find that a small group from Camp Jaha has joined them at the drop ship, in hopes to find the ‘City of Light.’ Jaha believes that this place, that may or may not exist, will be a safe haven for everyone. Murphy reluctantly decides to join them for another fresh start.

Octavia demands Indra let her train again. Indra gives in, mostly annoyed with the persistent “sky girl.” Octavia fights an average, but strong Grounder named Fio. She gets the hell beat out of her, but never gives up. Indra stops Fio before he does more damage, but Octavia injuries look pretty rough. Later, Indra tells Octavia that is impressed with her persistence and bravery in the face of death. She offers her the coveted spot of being her second. Octavia accepts the opportunity. That night, everyone dines together from the food provided by the Grounders. Marcus confronts Octavia and asks her to become his inside man, a spy. He doesn’t seem to ask maliciously, but wants to make sure his people can trust their allies. Octavia doesn’t necessarily say no, but doesn’t say yes either.


“Survival of the Fittest” answered a question that has been bothering me since I started watching this show. Remember that primate skull they found in season one? Well, now we know it was a gorilla skull. They live in the woods now, and they are no longer the veggie loving primates that they used to be.  With Jaha’s new obsession, we might be seeing if the ‘City of Light’ exists and whether it will be as accepting as they think. Indra showed a little bit of a softer side towards Octavia, in hopes to spare her, but then realizes that Octavia is pretty badass (though she needs to work on her fighting skills). Hopefully, Marcus can forget Jaha’s negative comments and work on creating a lasting relationship with the Grounders. While Clarke and Lexa finally agree that Bellamy is the best bet, it seems like he is going to be too busy being harvested. It didn’t help that in the promo for next week’s episode they show poor Bellamy hung upside down like a common Grounder. Come on, Mt. Weather you are wasting time with his blood when he was perfectly good bone marrow to use! Hopefully Bellamy will escape and save everyone trapped in the process (especially Monty), but, so far, it doesn’t look good.


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