Review: Quantum And Woody Must Die! #1

Review: Quantum And Woody Must Die! #1

Written by James Asmus

Art by Steve Lieber and Dave McCaig

As of late, Valiant has made it a practice to take their already established characters and put them in short four or five issue mini-series instead of giving them the full ongoing treatment. When it does pain me that I can’t read awesome books like Archer and Armstrong or Quantum and Woody every month, it does make sense from an editorial standpoint since this allows Valiant to shine the spotlight on more characters. This also means that when we do get a mini of our favorite already established character then you know that mini should have a story in it that is worth telling, and I’m pretty sure that Quantum and Woody Must Die! is one such story.

The Good

Quantum and Woody, since its relaunch, has always had some of the best banter in comics. Funny, snarky banter has been the backbone of this book since day one and James Asmus has always been able to deliver. Sure, not every joke in this issue lands perfectly. That said, there are so many jokes thrown at you that so hilarious that it more than makes up for the stinkers. Literally every panel has a joke of some kind in it. Its almost ridiculous, but its my kind of ridiculous.

With that said, this issue still does pack a surprising amount a subtlety to it. A reader could be forgiven for getting three-fourths of the way through the issue and complaining that there is no plot at all, but its there. Something strange is happening to the Quantum and Woody that they don’t even know about. It peaks its head out every now and then in random conversations, but then hits you right in the face at the end of the issue. I think Asmus has done a fine job here and I really want to figure out why Quantum and Woody must die. You know, besides them just being terrible people in general.

The Bad

Like I said earlier, a reader can be forgiven for getting three-fourths of the way through this issue and believe that there is absolutely no plot. I’m not saying that three-fourths is bad. In fact it is hilarious. I just think that a few readers will grow frustrated with how pointless a lot of the scenes seem to be, even though most of them really aren’t pointless at all if you are paying attention.

The Verdict

If you are looking for hilarious banter, some nice action, and a book that won’t break your bank because it is a mini, then Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1 is what you are looking for. The plot may be a little slow for some, but I really enjoyed myself and I think you will too.

Story: 4 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

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