5 Directions FOX Could Take an X-Men Series

X-Men_LogoNews recently exploded across the internet that the long-rumored X-Men TV series was finally coming to fruition by FOX. While this is great news for TV and X-Men fans alike, there’s a lot of places they could go with this series. Decades of X-Titles, story-lines, and plots are available to FOX, and here’s some great ones that work perfectly for the small screen.

The Classic Take

Original X-MenShows starring heartthrob teen casts work well, and work really for superhero shows. Smallville, The 100, The Flash, and plenty more prove the model, and an X-Men series that sees Professor Xavier gather his first five mutant could be fun. There’s a ton of story lines to steal from, too. This, of course, would require a recast of several characters that have been made quite famous in film, but it’s still a direction they could go.


The Not-Quite-Classic Take

X-Men Jim LeeEveryone pretty much already knows what the Xavier School is and what it means to be a student there, so we really don’t need a prelude, but we still want to see some familiar faces. This could be anything from the 1970s era comic stories to Whedon’s epic run on Astonishing. Still, it requires a lot of recasting as well as the use of some characters already promised to be in Age of Apocalypse. Fans confuse quite easily, but there’s plenty of new way to go.

West Coast X-Men

Utopia_(X-Men_Base)In fairly recent plot lines, the X-Men didn’t just hang out at a school in Westchester. Luxury mansions in San Fransisco, mutant-made islands of the coast of California, and many other residencies have been called home by Marvel mutants. While the comic book stories always included Cyclops and other key mutants, it would be very easy to drop viewers in a new setting given the proper background is applied. Still, I think this is an unlikely option.

New Mutants

No, not the comic book of the same name (see The Classic Take above) but something completely different. Maybe we’ll see a young Rogue on the run, or a space-age epoch, or a time-traveling run around. The options are so wide open, in fact, that FOX could very well go off the deep end from the get go and just keep diving. It’s never truly jumping the shark if you never come down.

X-Factor Investigations

X-Factor TeamThis is easily my favorite option FOX has available to it, and the one I think would be the biggest hit. You have a built-in guideline for the first arc in Peter David’s comic book run, a wonderful set of oddball mutants with varying characters, powers, and problems, and there isn’t the immense pressure of having to live up to…well, anything really. No school, no Wolverine, no Brotherhood, no continuity whatsoever. Crime drama with mutants. I’m not saying we need yet another crime drama on TV, but we do need more mutants.




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