Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.9 “Remember Me”

**Spoilers** If you haven’t seen last Wednesday’s  episode, stop reading. If you still haven’t seen the mid-season finale, you really should stop reading and go catch up!

Being set in in a post-apocalyptic world, The 100 is no stranger to killing off characters, but like many shows, it stays clear from killing off the core cast. Finn, one of those show’s most beloved characters, was killed in the winter finale. Instead of letting him die at the hands of thousands of Grounders (no doubt sharpening their knives), Clarke delicately plunged a knife into her once lover. Not an easy task to run a blade threw the guy that just confessed his love for you a couple hours before. The decision to kill Finn will undoubtedly stick with Clarke for sometime, possibly forever.

The episode picks up on the same night of Finn’s death; Clarke is already reeling with the guilt of her actions, while Raven angrily cries over Finn’s body. Raven is obviously not happy with Clarke’s rash decision to take Finn’s life and refuses to talk to her. Lexa, the Grounder’s commander demands that his body be sent to the village of the massacre for a death ritual. Clarke and a chosen few (Abigail, Marcus, Octavia, Lincoln, Bellamy, and Raven) follow Lexa’s command and head to the village to start their new alliance. On the way to the village Clarke can’t get Finn out of her head, seeing his expressionless face everywhere.

Back at Mt. Weather, Cage finds out about the growing alliance between the Grounders and Clarke’s group, but he doesn’t seem to be that worried about it. Becoming more and more distrustful, Monty and Jasper are still trying to find a way out. They come up with a plan to send out a radio message to the Ark, having no clue that the Ark is no longer there. They really need to catch up on their current events.

Clarke’s group makes it to the village and are welcomed with a lot of tension and grunts from the residents. Lexa stands her ground with her decision and announces “The Sky People march with us now, anyone who tires to stop that will pay with their life.” In the ritual, all the bodies of the massacred along with Finn are burned together. Lexa gives Clarke the job of lighting them.   Afterwards, she gives Clarke some advice on how to get over the pain, telling her that love is only seen as weakness.  I see the start of a beautiful friendship.

To celebrate their new alliance the group shares a feast, where Marcus gives Lexa the wonderful gift of booze. Gustus, her head of security, tries the first swig, but falls over before Clarke and Lexa can share the next drink. Both groups quickly separate and start pointing fingers and swords at each other. A weakened Gustus searches Raven and finds a small bottle of poison. Lexa demands that no sky people leave and locks them in the room, leaving them unsure of their fates. Lincoln tries to reason with Indra, who has been waiting for something like this to wrong. She tells him he is now “one of them” and locks the gate behind her. Clarke confronts Raven about the poison. Raven replies with a fist to Clarke’s face.  Which was probably long over due given their shaky past. Finn appears again, making Clarke seem crazy when she tells “him” to go away. While they await Lexa’s decision, Abigial tries to convince Clarke that her decision will not haunt her forever, comparing it to her own actions against Clarke’s father. Clarke doesn’t want to recognize the similarities of the situation, but dismayed states “We are the same.”

With Maya’s help, Monty, Jasper, and Miller attempt to configure some radio wires to send their message. They finally figure out that the weird sounds that came over the radio with the Exodus ship crashed were caused by Mt. Weather on purpose. They get interrupted by security, but successfully getaway without getting caught. Monty decides to go to the communication room by himself, in his first stupid decision ever, to unblock the jammed signal from the radios. Incognito, Monty fools the security on duty to let him in for decontamination and successful clears the signal. On his way out, he runs into Cage and another officer, but wearing the decontamination suit, they don’t recognize him. He almost makes it out, but is thrown off when the officer tells him he didn’t log that he was there. He foolish tries to make a break for it, but the officer puts him in a sleeper hold.

Back at the village, the Grounders demand to punish Raven. Indra admits that she wished that they all would all die for it (I don’t like Indra, but I love actress, Adina Porter). Raven is sentenced to the same tortuous fate as Finn, with no one looking to bail her out. She gets tied to a post and takes several slashes from various Grounders, before Clarke realizes that the poison couldn’t have come from the bottle of alcohol. To prove her theory, she takes a big swig of the alcohol in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Bellamy realizes that the only person that could have done it was Gustus (I really wanted it to be Indra). Gustus confesses that he was only trying to protect his commander and break the alliance that would surely get her killed. Lexa sentences Gustus to death. We finally get to see the full brutality of their execution ritual, ending with Lexa plunging her sword into his chest. Raven realizes that if it weren’t for Clarke, Finn would have suffered the same amount of pain.

At end of the episode, Clarke decides to take Lexa’s earlier advice that “love is weakness,”  making her visions of Finn finally disappear. She also agrees to let Bellamy go on with his plan to infiltrate Mt. Weather after hearing Monty’s radio message.   Monty’s fate is clear as he awakes in the room filled will empty cages. The missing Harper is still alive, struggling to breath, in the cage above his.

In this week’s episode, we get a deeper look into the politics of the Grounders. Making many of Clarke’s group realize how similar they are as people. This no doubt will help Clarke’s group understand the Grounders better and strengthen their pact. Though is still hangs steady in the hands of Clarke and Lexa’s growing respect for each other. I mean, they aren’t looking to get BFF necklaces anytime soon, but it is easy to see they will get along.   It will be interesting to see how their relationship will evolve towards the end of the season. Not to mention, the effects of Clarke turning off her emotions the last couple of minutes of the episode. Will that last?  She has almost always been the reasonable one, but  the death of Finn may have finally changed her. All the characters have been pushed to their limits, but usually come out stronger. I can’t see Clarke getting out of Finn’s death so easily. She has to struggle with it more, right? RIGHT? I guess all we can do is wait and see.


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