Review: Goners #4

In the latest issue of Goners, the battle for King’s Bluff continues. The fight may finally be turning in favor of the Latimers and their allies. The motives behind the monsters attacks are becoming clearer. Meanwhile, Josiah learns a dark truth about his parents while he’s between life and death. Semahn and Corona are provide some of the best development yet for the series. The larger picture is starting to come together as we, the readers, begin to explore the dark history of the Latimer family and what’s really at stake.

Goners has been a non-stop ride since the first issue. Jacob Semahn’s started the series off with a bang and it’s just kept going, the deaths of the Raleigh and Evelyn Latimer was the catalyst to the tragic events revolving around their children. Semahn’s use of real world folklore for the monsters encountered in the series is a nice touch. Since my previous review of the series, I have grown to enjoy Jorge Corona’s artwork over the last three issues, it has reminded me of Mike Mignola’s work.

The Good

There’s a lot story progression happening in this issue. We are finally learning why the monsters are on the rampage and who may be behind the attacks. The Latimer children go from being on the run to taking the fight to the enemy, rising to the occasion. Josiah Latimer learns a dark secret from his father during his brief time between life and death. A secret that will likely have consequences for him later. Speaking of Josiah’s time in the afterlife, the art for the those pages is beautiful.

The Bad

The question about Josiah’s parentage kind of bugs me. It comes off similar to that of Captain Sisko’s from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Verdict

Goners #4 continues the roller-coaster ride that started with the first issue. Semahn and Corona have continued to deliver an action-packed series that pulls no punches. We see the Latimer children step up to the legacy that is the Latimer name and accept their role in the world as monster-slayers.

The Score
Art: 4 Out of 5
Story: 4 Out of 5
Overall: 4 Out of 5


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