Squarriors #1 Goes Back to Print; 2nd Mini-Series on the Way

Devil’s Due Entertainment has dropped a ton of Squarriors news today. What’s Squarriors? I’m glad you asked! It’s full of fuzzy little woodland creatures, tribal brutality, and is simply a great comic book. Imagine Disney animated animals meets Game of Thrones with some of the best art out there right now. Click through for more.devils-due-logo-blk

Squarriors #1 sold right off the shelves in December and is still in high demand. A second printing for the title is scheduled for February.

Squarriors #1 2nd printingThey’re open for order this week through comic book stores nationwide in the Diamond Previews Plus catalog!

Even better than the success of the series’ first issue is the overall success of the series itself, as seen in the news of a 2nd Squarriors mini-series on the way.

Devil’s Due green-lights second Squarriors mini-series. What’s even better than a second mini-series? The second Squarriors mini-series is to be monthly!

Issue 1 – February (2nd Printing)
Issue 2 – March
Issue 3 – June
Issue 4 – August

We also got some new looks at interior art for Squarriors #2, as well as some upcoming variants.


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