Review: Copperhead #5

In the latest issue of Copperhead, we see the conclusion of the first story arc. The clues are starting to point to the real reason behind the Sewell family murder. Sheriff Clara Bronson must set aside her distrust of Ishmael, the artificial human, to uncover the truth behind his involvement and the murders.

Copperhead is a series that I have really enjoyed these last few months. Momentum has been slowly building up to this point and it’s paying off. Jay Faerber has done an excellent job with this series, throwing in many good twists that have kept me guessing who’s a suspect or what’s a character’s involvement with this murder. Like any good mystery should. While Scott Godlewski art is great, it has really given the comic a “lived-in universe” feel reminiscence to some great old Westerns movies.

The Good

The payoff is finally here. We learn who’s behind the murders, and who’s else is involved on some level. The story has kept me guess for a couple of issues now. I was surprised to learn the truth because I didn’t expect it to come from that direction. Once the murderer is reveal, I’m going to have to look back a few issues, because I was given a very different impression regarding that.

Clara as a character is growing and developing. Clara opinion about Arties is changing because of Ishmael. Clara and Deputy Boo are starting to work as a team. She’s even has a heart to heart with Mrs. Sewell. Clara has changed over the course of the story, she’s becoming comfortable with her new job and situation.

Even the dog comes home.

The Bad

The conclusion wraps up a little too perfectly. I was expecting a plot twist at the end. There is something at the end, but it’s possibly setting up for the next story arc. Half expected the wealthy mine owner to be talking to someone in the shadows about how Sheriff Bronson has foiled his plan to homesteaders off the land. Maybe it’s just me. But, yes, everything in this story arc gets wrapped up nicely with a bow.

The Verdict

Jay Faebaer and Scott Godlewski created a series I’ve enjoyed reading the last five months. The story was full of great twist that kept me guessing and wondering who’s on what side. I’m looking forward to the what future issues will bring.

The Score

Art: 4 Out of 5
Story: 4 Out of 5
Overall: 4 Out of 5

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