M.A.S.K. Fan Film Coming in 2016

Do you remember M.A.S.K.? The Mobile Armored Strike Kommand was kind of a big thing in the 1980s with a toyline, a cartoon, and even a comic book series dedicated to the brand, but, for who don’t recall M.A.S.K., it was kind of like G.I. Joe crossed with Transformers MASK Toys 4with a bit of techno-magic tossed in for good measure. Army guys drove and flew around in vehicles that would turn into other vehicles (Example: The dune buggy that changed into a glider), and the army guys wore helmets that gave them powers that seemed magically but were actually technological. It was odd, but actually pretty awesome. The combination of crazy just worked, and independent filmmaker Dave Guivant is bringing that awesome to you in 2016 with a fan-made film.

Dave Guivant recently gained his certification from “The Digital Animation and Visual Effects school” at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. I worked on “The Solo Adventures”, a Star Wars inspired student film which featured Han Solo and Chewbacca. This animated short won “Best Fan Animated Short Film” at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando by director George Lucas who was the judge at the event.

He also worked as pre-production artist on ANTHRO by director Aristomenis Tsirbas (Mechwarrior and Battle for Terra)

More of Guivant’s work, including his Invincible Iron Man and Captain Future projects, is available on his Vimeo page.

Post-production on the Mobile • Armored • Strike • Kommand (Live action) short film has begun, with the adventure describing itself as “G.I. JOE meets FAST & FURIOUS”.

Promo, cast, and concept art images can be found below, and we’ll have more on this when it’s available.

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