IG-88’s ’57 Chevy

We’re celebrating the release of Marvel’s Star Wars comic this week here at Outright Geekery. With the building excitement for Episode VII, there’s quite a bit to still get excited over between now and this December. This is something that I’m excited to see soon:

Back in August of last year, Fantasy Flight Games announced Wave 6 for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, calling it Scum and Villainy. In this wave, the players are given the opportunity to abandon the Rebel Alliance or the Empire to play purely as the criminal organizations, pirates and bounty hunters which inhabit the Star Wars Universe, in this third new faction. This faction has its own ships and upgrades, opening up new builds, styles of play and game tactics.

Earlier this week, Fantasy Flight pulled back the curtain on the ship I’m most excited about, the IG-2000! Yes, the ship belonging to infamous droid bounty hunter, IG-88.

The ship itself is impressive. Most impressive. The stats for this ship are quite balanced. It has high attack and evasion values paired with decent hull and shields. Coupled with the fact this ship has very good maneuverability for its size, we’re looking at one of the meanest ships in this wave. However, what makes it standout is the pilot. Or I should said pilots. In the Expanded Universe lore, IG-88 had four duplicates. The game reflects this with four different IG-88 pilots, each with their own unique talents. The best part is a player can field more than one of the IG-88 pilots, well at least two, and upgrade them to share each other’s talent. That factor alone is going to lead to some interesting, and potentially fun, builds in future tournament play.

The IG-2000, along with the remaining Scum and Villainy ships, should be released sometime during the first quarter of 2015. The IG-2000 is expected to be priced at $29.95 MSRP.

Stats and game terminology aside, this is a beautiful looking ship. Got to hand it to the game developers over at Fantasy Flight, they have been using the Expanded Universe as a resource to bring new and exciting ships into the game. Since Wave 4, players have been able to play with ships only known in games, comics or novels. It certainly has managed to keep the game fresh and the newer ships have remained very balanced in terms of gameplay. I am looking forward to seeing this ship in action and very much want to take it for a test drive.


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