Star Wars Week

This is it, Geeks! The long wait is finally over as Marvel Comics Star Wars #1 debuts this week in comic shops throughout the country and around the world. Although Marvel Comics provided the very first taste of Star Wars that we ever got through the 1977 comic that premiered before the first film, it’s been years since The House of Ideas was able to sink its collective lightsaber into the heart of the Sith or Force Lightning their imaginations through a Jedi who just didn’t see it coming.

We’re super-stoked about Star Wars coming back to Marvel, and we’ll be celebrating all week with looks back at Outright Geekery’s Star Wars related articles of the past, articles covering current Star Wars insights, and the things we’re looking forward to in the future of Star Wars.

We got lists, toys, launch party coverage, reviews, and lots more Star Wars related material heading your way all week long, so stay tuned, and may the force be with you!

Welcome Home!

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