Top o’ the Lot: Tops o’ the Lot of 2014

Howdy and welcome to the first installment of the Top o’ the Lot for 2015! This one is something of a retrospective, as I’ll be looking back on the 2014’s Top o’ the Lot and choosing those ones I thought were the best entries. You might say this is the Top o’ the Lot’s very own Top o’ the Lot from 2014. When Gaumer asked me to write this, his reasoning was pretty straight-forward. I had not written one in 2014, meaning that I could remain unbiased in selecting the best picks.

All the Top o’ the Lots are fun reads, there’s a little something for everyone. Some are full of knowledge that might come in handy during trivia night. While others might invoke a nostalgic memory from childhood. Then there are the ones that spark debates and discussions over. Conversations resulting from those can be heated at times, but in the end it’s the time you spend talking to your friends over the things you are passionate about that really matters. You’ll never know what you’re going to find.

The toughest part about making a “best of” is that there are so many to choose. Making some tough choices, here’s the ones I chose as the best of the rest.

Honorable Mention #2

Red, Orange and Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, Black & White.

rainbowRespectively “The Color Spectrum of Comics” Top o’ the Lots. There were seven of these Lots that addressed characters who shared a name or power with a color from the color spectrum. In part, they represent the very trivia aspect of Top o’ the Lot, I knew about some of these characters, but not the stories behind them. Like Shrinking Violet, she was created by Superman co-creator Jerry Seigel. I certainly learned something new.

Honorable Mention #1

The Christmas Wishlist Retro Edition

GI Joe USS Flag Toy 2This one had  potential to be a top 5 contender. It came out two weeks before the end of 2014,  that’s why I couldn’t justify placing it in the top 5.  But this Lot does represent the nostalgia aspect I mentioned before. This one reminded me of the awesome Christmas gifts, not necessarily these toys on this list, that I got as a kid and that made me smile. While it wasn’t received as a Christmas gift, I did have Construx as a kid, which I used to make bases and vehicles for my other toys. And that brought back some fond memories, too.

And now, 2014’s Top o’ the Lot Top 5…

2014’s Top o’ the Lot #5

Captain Picard’s Love Interests

Sexy PicardIt wouldn’t be a Top o’ the Lot without mentioning Star Trek. There were quite a few Star Trek Lots to pick from. The Lot about Star Trek pets was given some serious consideration. Honestly, I liked it. Ultimately, I decided on this one because while Riker’s bedroom romps may rival those of Kirk’s, it was Captain Picard that turned out to be quite the ladies’ man. Which is ironic knowing the story about how Patrick Stewart believed when he started going bald no woman would find him attractive again.

Locutus and the Stargazer sitting in a tree, K, I, S, S… wait, that’s just wrong.

2014’s Top o’ the Lot #4

The Top 5 Nintendo Franchises

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about Nintendo games amongst the OG’s. Enough that I am feeling nostalgic for some games related to this particular Lot. Reading over an entire year’s worth of Lots, I could not overlook this one. I’ve been wanting to dust off my older consoles just to play some old school Legend of Zelda and Mario Nintendo Logogames. I’ve even considered getting back into Nintendo because I’ve realized that their games are fun, at any age. Except Mario Cart, friendships are ended because of that series.

2014’s Top o’ the Lot #3

Top 5 Batman Battles

Batman Logo - FeaturedSeriously, who doesn’t want to see Batman kick some ass. Batman trades blows with Captain America! Epic. Who could forget Batman knocking out Guy Gardener. Classic. Batman and the Joker duke it out in a bi-plane! Wicked. A crossover where different iterations of Batman show up. Mind-blown. Two fights from the Dark Knight Returns end up in this Lot. I’ll never forget the first time I saw that Batman/Superman fight, it was unreal. The amount of preparation on Batman’s part was incredible, but goes to show that Batman is always ready for any situation. There are so many other great fights that Batman has had, but in the end I thought this list was pretty satisifying.

2014’s Top o’ the Lot #2

Top 5 Godzilla Movies

Godzilla LogoThis particular entry wasn’t picked because I’m a fan of Godzilla. Oh no no no… this one earned its place because I had an issue with the picks in this Lot. In the end, Adam and I had a discussion about his picks. Naturally, I disagreed with nearly all of them, except for the number 1 pick. Seriously, no mention of Biollante! Once again, it’s those discussions that we have with others ,who are as passionate about a shared interest, that make for some great times.

2014’s Top o’ the Lot #1

The Top 5 Autobots

Autobot SymbolThe reason why it’s taking the number one spot is the debate it sparked amongst the OG’s, due to the omission of Optimus Prime from the list of great Autobots. Not everyone is going to agree with the picks, this Lot proved that more than any other. In the end, it’s the fun that we have  sharing what we’re passionate about with others, who are equally passionate, which makes the best memories.

There you have it folks, the Top o’ the Lot: Tops o’ the Lot of 2014. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  Do you agree or disagree with these picks? Please let us know in the comments.


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