DC Weekly: 12/31/14

I‘m back! Sorry about last week, folks, but with Christmas, family coming in, and a particularly bad stomach bug, I didn’t have the time to put out a DC Weekly. All things are back to normal in the household, though so I’m back just in time for DC to be closed for the week… Well at least they still put out their weekly titles but that’s it.

The New 52: Future’s End #35

Future’s End #35 is actually a pretty above average issue for this series. There are actually a lot of things going on here and most of it actually seems important. You have the new Firestorm facing off against the new Dr. Polaris, a turning point in the Fifty Sue character, the sort of resolution of the Atom’s fight with Father Time and what the mean for Frankenstein and, finally, Batman Beyond and Batman face off against the future Batman/ Joker! That final story bit is by far the most exciting to read just because I have ben waiting for it for so long and it is completely crazy. Yeah, the kiss on the cover does happen in the issue, but it is really down played and happens at a really weird time. Overall, this issue wasn’t what I would call spectacular, but it is definitely a step in the right direction for the series. Too bad its a little too late for Future’s End to make any real changes.

3.5 out of 5

Earth 2: World’s End #13

The one thing that World’s End has that none of the other weekly titles do is how dire the events seem to be. In every issue I read of World’s End, I can feel how precarious of a situation the characters are in jumping out at me. Earth 2 is ending and it feels like it. Unfortunately, now that Darkseid has risen, the book has reverted back to the old problems that plagued this series before. The biggest issue is still how much the story jumps around all over the place, never giving the character anytime to really do anything meaningful or give the reader anytime to really acknowledge what is going on. With all of that said, this series is still a lot of fun. Stories are starting to come together, all of the action is exciting, and one character made a sacrifice that was pretty interesting. I wouldn’t call his sacrifice emotional since World’s End didn’t focus on this character at all until now, but it was still pretty good stuff.

3.5 out of 5


Weekly Book of the Week

Batman Eternal #39

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty concerned when the Riddler was revealed a couple weeks ago. I was pretty positive he wasn’t the big bad of the entire book, but if he was then that would be seriously overexposing the character. He already had his excellent Zero Year this year in comics. Luckily, that wan’t the route the writers are going in and the Riddler is basically just the guy who knows who the big bad actually is and he just won’t tell Batman. None of this is anything particularly new, but it is well done so points for execution. You can also feel that this book is gearing up for the big finale. Characters have been put into place, now the action just needs to start.

4 out of 5

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