Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: December 31st, 2014

outright-geekery Logo NewNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week. What are you looking forward to reading this week?

Taylor: S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

While a cynical person might see this as an elaborate plug for the TV show, I’m willing to give writer Mark Waid the benefit of the doubt. There’s potential here for some good stories about the normal people who deal with the lunacy of the Marvel Universe, and a talented storyteller like Waid is just the type of person you’d want at the helm. So I’ll be an optimist this week and give it a look.

(WRITER) Mark Waid (ARTIST) Carlos Pacheco & Various
• High-tech weapons. High-stakes missions. High-octane adventure! For the men and women of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s just another day in the field!
•  Special Agent Phil Coulson brings together the best and the brightest, the gifted and the elite, normal people and superhumans from across the Marvel Universe on an as-needed basis to confront, combat and curtail dangers beyond the scope of any conventional peace-keeping force!
•  Writer Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL) and a rotating crew of mission-specific top flight Marvel artists make you one promise: Every issue: Twenty pages. One mission. Unlimited budget. Unlimited imagination. Six periods. And a helper monkey. Welcome to Level Eight. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.
Rated T+
In shops: 12/31/2014
SRP: $4.99

David: Batman Eternal #39

Picks for this week are a little slim. Batman Eternal is one of the two new comics I’ll be getting this week. So that’s my pick.

Batman Eternal #39

Publisher: DC COMICS
(WRITER) Scott Snyder & Various (ARTIST) Felix Ruix (CA) Tommy Lee Edwards
Someone has pieced together the mystery behind the plot to crush Gotham City…but it’s not Batman! The Riddler knows all – and he’ll never tell!
In Shops: 12/31/2014
SRP: $2.99

Gaumer: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #1

Because, why the hell not? While this isn’t exactly the chocolate and peanut butter I want to see mixed together, I’m willing to bet that there’s more to the hype machine than just hype, and this may actually be a good combination. I mean, it’s just weird enough to work, right? Right!?
Star Trek Planet of the Apes

(WRITER) Scott Tipton, David Tipton (ARTIST) Rachael Stott (CA) Rachael Stott, Juan Ortiz
It’s the crossover nobody ever expected! STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind’s future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape City?  And what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it? It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!!
In Shops: 12/31/2014
SRP: $3.99

Adam: East of West #16

Year two of the apocalypse begins here! Now that Hickman has spent the last year or so setting up his elaborate chessboard, I’m hoping we will finally get to see some good ole mayhem and destruction as the world comes to an end.
East of West #16

(WRITER) Jonathan Hickman (ARTIST) Nick Dragotta
“THE APOCALYPSE: YEAR TWO” begins in the over-sized EAST OF WEST #16!Following the dramatic conclusion of YEAR ONE, the Great Beast now roams the fractured United States of America.Deep into an all-consuming war between the splintered nations, the Four Horsemen move to further their individual agendas while resisting the inevitability of The Message.
Item Code: OCT140595
In Shops: 12/31/2014
SRP: $3.50

Those are our picks, what’s on the top of your stack this Wednesday?

Comix City Too!This post brought to you by Comix City Too! in Madison Tennessee, Outright Geekery’s local comic shop of choice. Check out everything coming out this week in stores here, and be sure to get out to your local comic shop.


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