DC Weekly: 12/10/14

Welcome back, folks! Well that didn’t take long. Future’s End went from being pretty bad, to decently good almost to the point of great, all the way back to being terrible in the span of a month. Man, what a fun roll coaster of a ride it has been and I can’t wait to get into it below.

 The New 52: Future’s End #32

The main reason why I enjoyed the last few issues of Future’s End was because I finally felt like the series was heading somewhere. It appeared that the writers were wrapping up storylines and slowly bringing all of these various heroes together to finally stop whatever it is they need to stop. In the beginning I thought that something was Brother Eye, but they have been meandering about with that topic and Batman Beyond for so long now that I can’t even seem to tell if anyone is bothered by it all. Oh well, I guess my main problem with this issue is that it erases a lot of the progress that I thought the series had made this past month. Remember that really boring and cliched mad scientist that died a few issues back? Well his is not dead, now has super powers, and insists on wearing what looks like the suit of a villain from Power Rangers. Yeah, I should have seen this coming. It is comics 101. The mad scientist always accidentally gains super powers from his creations and I guess the new Firestorm needs someone to fight, but I just don’t like this character at all. He is so unoriginal that it pains me to read about him. Anyways, the rest of the issue is mostly the stupid, pointless, boring day in a life conversations that I have come to expect from this book. The biggest offender here is Grifter. When has he actually done anything of importance in this book other than just stand there and complain about what is going on. Why have the guy around if he isn’t gonna do anything? The only bright spot in this entire issue is the return of Frankenstein and company from space, but even that doesn’t seem like it will actually be interesting again until next issue. Oh well, this rant has gone on for way too long. This issue is just Future’s End’s return to its crappy norm.

1.5 out of 5

Earth 2: World’s End #10

Darkseid is risen! Things are gearing up in this book really fast and there are a lot of exciting things that happen in here. Mister Miracle, Darkseid, and all of the Apokolips stuff in this issue is fantastic and I cannot wait to read more about it. Not so much with the other half, though. World’s End is still on the fence to me. Sometimes I think its amazing, other times not so much. I don’t care about Constantine. I sort of care about the Grayson family, but they haven’t really done anything. I love the idea behind the Green Lantern and the Avatars, but that story has stalled out for about two issues now. The writers really need to figure out what works in this book and run with it while dropping all of the things that don’t. I say this every week, but World’s End is a decent book on the verge of being great, but it just can’t seem to learn from its mistakes. As of right now, though, I would live with the stalled stories for a little bit if the art was consistent, which it still isn’t. I swear the art will annoy me until the day I die. Nonetheless, this issue was decent and adequately sets up for what I hope will be an action packed issue next week.

3 out of 5

(Weekly Book of the Week)

Batman Eternal #36

I just don’t know how I feel about that last page reveal. I’m not saying that it was bad, but I’m just wondering whether or not it is too soon to bring this particular character back. He just had his big spotlight to shine so it just seems odd to focus on him again now in such a big way. Either way, this issue was pretty good. Sure, it ended about exactly the way I thought it would, but the story was well told and had some decent humor peppered in throughout the issue. I think Batman Eternal is my favorite weekly title because it is not afraid to actually resolve plot threads and that is what seems to happen here with Commissioner Bard. The issue didn’t close things permanently with the character, but Eternal can now move on away from the character and everything will be okay. Overall, this issue is not as fun as the last one, but it is still alright and does a decent job of wrapping up Bard’s story. Plus, it is always nice to see the entire Bat-family together.

3.5 out of 5

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