In Brightest Day: 12/10/14

Welcome back to the second edition of In Brightest Day, the one article where I talk about and review all things Green Lantern that goes on every week. As you may or may not have known, the entire Lantern franchise, five books in total, are currently involved in a super large crossover event entitled Godhead where all the Lanterns from the various corps face off against the New Gods of New Genesis. Last week, we began the beginning of the end of the crossover with a surprisingly funny Green Lantern #37 and continue to march are way towards the finale this week in Green Lantern Corps #37.

Green Lantern Corps #37

Okay, well some big developments actually occurred this week. We finally get to see Highfather enact his plan to turn all the Lanterns into his very own emotionless army with the Life Equation as well as finally witnessing some cracks in the seemingly unbeatable New Gods. Things are definitely ramping up and I really enjoyed the story being told here. I just wish the art didn’t drag this book down as low as it does. The first half of this issue is filled with the beautifully bright and stylized art of Bernard Chang. Sure, some of the faces were a little wonky every now and then, but for the most part it was fun and makes the book have a kinetic feel to it, which makes the change to Mirko Colak’s work in the second half extremely jarring. While Chang’s art is bright and vibrant, Colak’s are is dark and dull. I kid you not, there are a few pages in this issue that are almost entirely covered in shadow, which makes it extremely hard to tell who is actually speaking. Jensen does a great job of giving each character a distinct enough voice and I am smart enough to tell that the shadow with the long tail on his head is Saint Walker, but it was still unnecessarily difficult to sort out what was happening. Come on, DC! I know you have a schedule to keep and all, but is it hard to ask for at least a little consistency in your art teams. It feels like every other book I read from DC lately has multiple people doing the pencil work and it just detracts from your books. Anyways, in conclusion, Green Lantern Corps #37 has some really interesting character and story developments that have been missing from Godhead for some time. It is just a shame that the art teams don’t mesh well together at all.

2.5 out of 5

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