Terminator Genisys Trailer has Arrived

And it’s a bit early. Can’t they just release stuff when we say they’re going to anymore?

2 thoughts on “Terminator Genisys Trailer has Arrived”

  1. So this is sort of like a quasi reboot of the first film while still being treated as a sequel? I’ve lost track at this point, but it almost seems like a total reboot with a slight twist. Not that this is a bad thing! I think it’s probably good that they start from scratch and the trailer is pretty great. I think this could easily be better than Salvation and maybe take out one of the original 3.

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    1. Time travel always leaves a gray area. The original trilogy was full of paradoxes and resets. It’s really the driving force of the entire franchise. Genisys looks to be turning all of that up a notch, but keeping things grounded much more than Salvation.

      I’m stoked!


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