DC Weekly: 11/26/14

We did it, folks! A whole month straight of DC Weekly! Whew, that was tough. Now I feel much better about my procrastinating ways. Anyways, comics. This week kind of sucked. I don’t know if I was in a funky mood when I read these comics, but they just didn’t strike a chord with me. It was kind of depressing.

Earth 2: World’s End #8

Honestly, I blame this book and Gotham By Midnight for breaking my comics spirit this week, World’s End has been quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. Its fast paced, has some really interesting story bits, and feels like it has real impact on the DC Universe as a whole. I really want to love this book every week, so I guess I take it harder when a sub par issue of it comes out. I’m not shocked when Future’s End is bad. That is norm, but when World’s End is bad it is like someone punched me straight in the gut. To be fair, the issue wasn’t terrible. It had a few interesting moments. Batman going all berserk on some Superman clones was fun. The whole story just felt much more disjointed than usual. The Constantine stuff just needs to go. It is just an advertisement for his own ongoing and really just kills the pacing. The same thing can be said with the Barbra Grayson story this week. It was just shoehorned in to sell the Earth 2 ongoing issue this month. My biggest problem with this issue is that this is the first issue that I didn’t really feel like the plot went anywhere. Every other issue made me feel at least like the plot was heading in some sort of a direction but not here. Its sad.

2.5 out of 5

Batman Eternal #34

Boy, that felt anticlimactic. I felt like they were going to end the whole Hush story a couple weeks ago only to have him slink away into the shadows and the end the story here out of nowhere. Yeah, I knew Hush wasn’t the real big bad of Eternal. The book just has too many issues left for that to be the case, so I was surprised that that ended it but they could have had a better final confrontation than this! (With that said, I do completely acknowledge how awesome the splash page of Hush on his throne is.) This issue just let me down. I you are going to speed months building up this confrontation, then don’t make it last only four pages, guys. I just feel cheated. Plus Alvaro Martinez is no Fabok. Martinez is not bad in any way, shape, or form, but I have been spoiled by Fabok’s art the last few issues. I really hope this mystery bad guy really turns out to be someone worth while and some lame duck villain. That would ruin the entire series.

3 out of 5

 (Weekly Book of the Week)

The New 52: Future’s End #30

Yes, you have read correctly. Batman Eternal is not my pick of the week. Future’s End, the book I dog on the most, was the first to dethrone it. No, we are not in Bizzaro World, but it is safe to assume the world is coming to an end. Jokes aside, this was actually a very solid issue that meshed together many various storylines in one confrontation was pretty thrilling to read. Yeah, it still wasn’t a perfect issue. I still find everyone explains themselves way too much when they are doing everything, but all of that was kept to a minimum because this issue is packing a lot of action and at least one death that I did not see coming. Keep this up and you might actually redeem yourself in my eyes, Future’s End. I don’t have much faith in you, but I have been wrong before.

4 out of 5

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