The Walking Dead Review: Episode 507 “Crossed”

Beware of Spoilers. If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode what are you waiting for? I demand that you go watch now! (Don’t forget to come back!)

The Walking Dead Season 5

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead finally brings us back into the current timeline of the group. The last few episodes were very character driven and brought some light on some our favorite character’s pasts, but its nice to be in the present again.

The episode opens with Rick and company prepping the church for what seems like the long haul. You know, the typical boarding of the windows and making walker skewers to block the entrances. Rick decides to leave Carl, Judith, and Gabriel in the more than capable hands of Michonne while he and the rest of the group attempt to pull off a rescue mission at Grady Memorial. In an effort to pass on his knowledge Carl offers some advice to Gabriel on how to use a machete. Gabriel, who has been mentally cracking ever since the group found him, decides to go lay down because he isn’t feeling so hot. (Sure, shifty eyes.)

Rick and Co. plan to kidnap two of the hospital officers and in an attempt to offer up a trade for Beth and Carol. It wasn’t their first plan, but at the request of gentle giant Tyreese, they agree to do it. At the same time, Sasha is trying to still cope with the loss of Bob while focusing on the task at hand. The group uses Noah as bait to gain the advantage over two of the officers, but of course things don’t go as planned.

Walking Dead

Glen and others are still where we left them. Trying to decipher whether Eugene is going to be taking that nap, caused by Abraham’s massive beat down, forever. Speaking of Abraham, he is still kind of comatose himself. Who can really blame a guy who just found out his reason for living was completely invalid? On top of it all, their group has used what was last of the water so Glen, Rosita, and Tara go on a short run to look any useable water source.

Finally, the fate of Carol is still questionable, especially when Beth decides to speak up. The Grady Memorial cops are very concerned with the waste of resources that comes with keeping Carol alive. Beth takes things into her own hands to save Carol’s life.

My Overall Thoughts:

I am always a little leery about episodes like these. Everyone seemed to be more or less safe and there were no major character deaths. There weren’t even a lot of walker deaths. Though my personal favorite was Daryl’s impressive use of a walker’s head to gain the upper hand while almost getting choked to death. Except for the little wrenches thrown in Rick’s plan, everything is pretty stable. If there is one thing all fans know, is that uneasy feeling that comes when any characters get too comfortable in their environment. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen when Glen and Rosita were fishing. It wouldn’t be the first time there were walkers in the water, right? Yes, this show makes me a little paranoid, but in a good way. I am also one of those fans that don’t mind when the walker’s take a backseat every once in awhile. Let’s be honest, the characters are pretty much over being scared of the walkers at this point, except when they are in a large horde. Even to a viewer, one walker is not something to get freaked out by. Unless you are Eugene or Gabriel, who are desperately in need of some walker defense classes.

Overall this episode brought us back in the action. It was nice to see the group sort of embrace a new member (Noah) without any real question. It always seems like a small moral victory when they add a genuinely good person to the group.  The point of this episode was to build up what is to come in the next week’s mid-season finale. Leaving me anxious and impatient for the most likely shocking events that plague every winter finale in The Walking Dead universe.

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