DC Weekly: 11/12/14

Look at this! I actually managed to get this column out two weeks in a row! We are rolling on all cylinders now! Okay, Now lets get to the comics. It was a pretty good week for DC’s weekly line-up. That said, lets get the most disappointing out of the bunch out of the way first.

The New 52 Future’s End #28

Talk about stall tactics. Yeah, the action in Future’s End has ramped up drastically over the past month or so and it is a much better book because of it, but the writers still insist on playing hide and seek with the most interesting bits of the story. All I want to read about is the two Batmen pummeling each other to a pulp until they discover their common enemy but instead I have to read about Lois’s island excursion. I mean yeah, we do get to see the Batmen interact in this issue (and it was awesome!) but there definitely should have been more than three or so pages. With that said, most of the other various story bits that this series has cooked up are finally starting to collide and it is pretty exciting. I just wish that the big bad of the Firestorm/ Red Robin arc wasn’t so lame. He is a complete and total stereotype lacking any real depth which is odd since he has been in the title since about the beginning and we are nearing the thirty issue mark. Hopefully next week they wrap up this little arc and move back to the more exciting bits of the series like Green Arrow’s war or Braniac.

2.5 out of 5

 Earth 2: World’s End #5

We are only five issues into World’s End and already the events of this book feel more dire and important than the vast majority of Future’s End. There is action abound in this book. Dr. Fate casts a spell on Famine hoping to stop her rampage, but it has unfortunate effects that threaten everyone on Earth. This is pretty exciting stuff and I especially love the bits involving Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy. GL and Swamp Thing are two of my favorite characters so seeing this interesting take on both characters mythos really tickles my fancy. I swear, if the writers could figure out their weird pacing issue and stop jumping from scene to scene like they have ADD then this might very well become my favorite out of these weekly books. As it stands, though, this issue is just okay.

3.5 out of 5

 Weekly Book of the Week: Batman Eternal #32

I know, I know. Adam, you have done three of these DC Weekly columns and all three times Batman Eternal has been the pick of the week. Well, deal with it. It is the best weekly book hands down, even on its bad weeks. World’s End is starting to give Eternal a run for its money, but it still has a ways to go before it can topple Batman off of his throne. That all said, this issue suffers from the same stalling that Future’s End suffers from this week. Last week it looked like we were building up towards the final confrontation between Hush, Batman, and Spoiler, but instead Hush disappears into the shadows again (which was actually quite impressive since he took the full brunt of a speeding motor bike but I digress). I would complain that Hush escaping over and over has started to get tiresome, but the direction that they are going with is so awesome that I just can’t. I honestly can’t wait for Hush to pull off his master plan. Still, it would have been nice to see more action this week.

3.5 out of 5

So overall, this wasn’t a terrible week for DC’s weekly line up. Two out of the three books suffered from a severe case of stalling. That is to be expected with a bunch of books that have to spread their stories out for an entire year, but it is still annoying. All I want to see is Batman Beyond and Batman interact in a scene that lasts longer than three page! Oh well. Til next week.

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