Review: Copperhead #3

Copperhead03_CoverPicking up from events in issue 2, Clara confronts Ishmael, the artificially-created humanoid (arties), who safely returned her son, Zeke, from the Badlands. Clara has a history with arties and is distrustful of them. After a heated exchange, Ishmael leaves while Clara tends to Zeke. Later, Clara returns to the investigation of the Sewell family massacre, deciding to release Mrs. Sewell from custody in hopes of a lead. Clara’s intuition doesn’t pay off as she hoped, while Zeke makes a revelation that may provide the first solid lead into the investigation. Check out a preview of Copperhead #3.

The Good

This issue was well done. The pacing Copperhead03_Page5is just right, while the artwork tells the story without the need for many words. Jay Faerber’s created a wonderful universe that feels gritty and lived in, something new and different but still feels familiar. Scott Godlewski’s artwork is wonderful, his art has a very clean style about it. You can see the budding partnership between Clara and Deputy Boo starting to form and hopefully they’ll become friends after their rocky start.

The Bad

I want to know if Boo has a shotgun called Sarah Jane. Then I realize that’s from another series altogether.

The Verdict

This issue was a solid read. Faerber’s written another great issue and Godlewski’s artwork is beautifully done. This series is off to a wonder start and there’s still a lot more to come.

Story 4 Out of 5
Art 4 Out of 5
Overall 4 Out of 5

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