Is ‘Toy Story 4’ Disney’s Answer to ‘The Lego Movie’?

With the recent slew of announcements coming from Disney’s stock, I saw some dots, connected some dots, and have decided that Toy Story 4 could be bigger than any of us geeks care to admit.


The Word

Marvel Studios LogoFirst we got word about Marvel’s awesome slate of films for the next 5 years, which is kind of unprecedented. I mean, who announces movies half a decade in advance? It’s a cultural phenomenon that simply cannot be denied. Marvel characters have never been more popular with more people, and the property is ripe with fodder for cross-promotion.

Star Wars 2Then we got word about the new Star Wars movie getting its official full title, and, again, the Internet cracked in half as the news spread. This is yet another cultural sensation that transcends all social barriers. Maybe more than Marvel, Star Wars as a property has so much potential to expand into more and more everything.

Finally, we got news that Disney and Pixar would be bringing us yet another chapter in the epic that was the Toy Story trilogy, and the most vocal of fans suggested, and rightfully so, that the story was done. There was no place else for them to go. And I agreed, until I had a thought.

My Thought

Besides the obvious tie-in to the Lego brand of toys, the biggest draw of The Lego Movie was seeing all those different characters interacting with each other, and Toy Story 4 could allow Disney to pull off the same thing.

Fans already love the Toy Story characters, and the Star Wars Characters, and the Marvel Characters, and here’s an opportunity to get them all interacting in the same film. There’s definitely no lack of Star Wars toys to choose from, and it’s the same with Marvel for the most part. Either way, these characters are universally recognized, and the proof-of-concept is already established.

The Verdict

Wouldn’t we all love to see Yoda, Darth Vader, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, and all sorts of other longtime characters that Disney now has at their disposal worked into a script that can breathe new life into a beloved franchise? Taking the Toy Story franchise into a new direction is definitely something that has to happen in the fourth film, and not taking advantage of a cross-promotional opportunity like this would be ridiculous.

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