‘Black Panther’ Costume Revealed; T’Challa to be Played by Chadwick Boseman

News is still coming from Marvel’s special media event, and with all of the new titles being announced we did get some word on castings for all these movies, namely, who will be our Black Panther. We also got a look at costume designs for the character.

Black Panther

The star of 42 and Get On Up will be donning the black cat suit of Wakanda’s main man, as actor Chadwick Boseman has been confirmed as Marvel’s choice to be their cinematic Black Panther.

Although he wasn’t my first choice, Boseman has gotten it done with his critically acclaimed roles of baseball great Jackie Chadwick BosemanRobinson and music legend James Brown. But something tells me he’ll be known more for playing a fictional legend and not those two real-world heroes.

We also got a first-look at the Black Panther costume from the films. Oh yeah, ‘films’, plural. T’Challa will reportedly also be showing up in Captain America 3, which has been subtitled ‘Captain America: Civil War’, not Serpent Society.


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