Rant: Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015 and Other Teasers

Marvel has been throwing down some interesting teasers recently, that (coincidentally?) followed the just-a-bit-more than the teaser announcement for the publisher’s Secret Wars 2015 event. While the news is all still a bit…mysterious, I have some theories based on what we know about what’s currently going on, what little has already been announced, and some very convenient timing.

What We Know

Marvel has given us one big announcement, Secret Wars 2015, and some teasers that just don’t fit the promotional mold. Civil War, Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies, Years of Future Past, Planet Hulk, and Armor Wars, all throwbacks to previous Marvel Comics’ storylines, and all with a 2015 release date.

Secret Wars 2015While Secret Wars has officially been given the “event” moniker, as well as an announced creative team lineup, the other teasers Marvel has released haven’t. We have no creative teams set. We have no ‘event’ title applied. We don’t even have any idea if these blast-from-the-past teasers are actually for a series of comics. For all we know, these could be one-shot issues building up to the previously, and firstly, announced Secret Wars. Based on previous release habits and marketing limitations, it’s quite unlikely that Marvel Comics is doing 6 or more events next year. But it DOES make perfect sense for the publisher to build-up one event with a ton of tie-ins, or even one-shot steps, to something amazing.

Avengers #35The fact that Jonathan Hickman is writing Secret Wars, and the timing of its release and the timing of his current Avengers multiversal incursions storyline, Time Runs Out, seemingly coalescing in 2015 cannot be a coincidence. Also, looking at the teasers that have been announced, the blast-from-the-past events being revisited have mostly been established as being their own separate universes within the Marvel multiverse. Civil War is now it’s own universe, a la Age of Apocalypse, as are both Age of Ultron and Marvel Zombies, as established in Ultimate Fantastic Four in the latter and the event itself in the former. Days of Future Past is all about an alternate universe, and Years of Future Past should be no different. Civil War 2015Marvel has definitely not been hesitant to turn alternate futures, magically transformed worlds, and time-traveling clusterf&^%s into their own separate universes within the overall Marvel multiverse. With the multiverse crashing down around the Marvel Universe as part of Hickman’s Avengers run and Time Runs Out, it makes perfect sense that these alternate universes could be among them. However, there have been more teasers released, and I need to take a bit of a leap for them to fit within my overall theory…okay, a pretty big leap.

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies #1Years_of_Future_Past_2015


A Quantum Leap

Planet Hulk and Armor Wars are certainly not established alternate universes. While I in no way think this fact is enough to totally blow my theory apart, it does put huge holes in everything. But I can fill them in a bit with some clever imagining.

Tony Stark is currently missing in Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers lead-up to Time Runs Out, and my thoughts on what he’s up to lead me to guess what Armor Wars may be about. We’ve already seen Avengers travel between universes outside of incursions, and Tony would, obviously, be on the cutting edge of this tech. When you are Tony Stark; when everyone is against you; and when you need an army to save a multiverse determined to destroy itself, you seek out the only other people in the entire multiverse on your level: Yourself…or, yourselves, in this case. Tony is seeking out an entire team of Tonys. However, (and now I’m stretching close to breaking) the multiverse is full of Tonys, and some may be against him, forming their own team of Tonys, giving us, Armor Wars.



And then Hulks/Banners from around the multiverse do the same damn thing, eventually, getting the 616 Banner/Hulk involved. Yes, I know, it’s a huge leap, but it works in a context that I have pulled out of thin air, sooooo.

The Verdict

Despite some huge holes in this theory, the foundation of my thesis is sound. Secret Wars 2015 has been announced, while everything else has only been teased, and there’s simply no way I see Marvel doing 6 separate and different events next year. Maybe I’m way off the track, though, and Marvel is simply doing some prose stuff or re-releasing some new omnibus editions…and an Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombie standalone side event… Nah, I’m not buying it.

2015 is almost here, and we’ll know the full details of all of this stuff in the next few months or so, but, if I’m taking what little we know up to this point, crossing it with what’s already going on, applying some critical thinking, pulling some stuff out of my ass, and utilizing some wild guessing I’m probably still nowhere close to what will actually happen. I’ll revisit this rant in a few months to check my work.


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