In Memoriam: Wolverine

We are gathered here in this moment of sadness to celebrate the life of our dear departed hero, and to share with one another those events that defined and shaped our fallen friend’s life. It’s ‘In Memoriam:  Wolverine’.

Snikt! Snikt! Snikt! Sure, that may have been James’ biggest claim to fame, but, although Wolverine seemed to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty killer, I like to remember him as The Best There is as What he Does, and what he did was: ‘Justice’.

During the Marvel Civil War, when all the other heroes were losing their minds over politics and faux-safety, there was one hero who saw the disaster in Stamford Connecticut for exactly what it was: Just another villain committing a crime. So, instead of getting into the boring, unproductive political arguments, Wolverine began his hunt for Nitro, the human bomb responsible for the Stamford Disaster, and it was a moment that truly defines what made Wolverine the compelling hero he was.

Wolverine Civil War 4
Humberto Ramos’ draws the best Wolverine.
Wolverine Civil War 3
Short, stocky, savage. That’s how I like my Wolverine!










Wolverine Civil War 5
Wolverine find Nitro, who immediately blows himself up, burning the mutant down to his adamantium skeleton.
Wolverine Civil War 10
It’s a slow burn as the flesh is cooked off Wolverine’s body.
Wolverine Civil War 7
Nitro wins! Or does he?
Wolverine Civil War 6
Such a great page of skeleton Wolverine clawing his way out of the flames.
Wolverine Civil War 8
The transition panels of Wolvie’s regrowing flesh are just awesome!


Wolverine Civil War 1
Wolverine, as always, gets in the last punch…well, not ‘always’, I guess.















We’ll never forget you Wolverine, and while we’re sure you’ll be back again someday, we’ll miss you while you’re gone. What’s your favorite Wolvie moment? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Wolverine”

  1. I don’t think I have a one definite defining moment but I’ll go back to the x-men animated series in the 90’s the 2 part episode where he goes to Alaska to stop doing what he is so good at and is followed then by sabertooth was truly awesome. It showed his angst and his desire for just a peaceful existence.

    There was also an image from one of the 90’s card sets that showed him with his bone claws post magneto tearing out is admantium. A butterfly landed on the tip of one of them it spoke volumes about him.

    We will miss you till you inevitable come back!

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