Opinion: Marvel Comics All-New Now.1

JulesTrue with a long overdue post, because it’s certainly time I join the true ranks over here at OG and put my ten cents in for a rant. Avengers NOW!Recently, Marvel has upped the price tag on certain books, while paradigm shifting lots of teams, and even killing a couple of characters here and there. I’m sure by now everyone has seen the whole Avengers Now picture from Entertainment Weekly. Of course the whole community is in an uproar about all sorts of changes coming out of the House of Ideas. Lots of theories about what the folks at Marvel have planned next for its readers. Lots of questions being asked about what are their goals, who dies next, whats the next event, who’s joining what team, and how much is this all gonna cost?

All-New-Marvel-Now-logoI consider myself a lifetime Marvel Reader. Though my time spent on comic book Midgard has not been long, most of that time has been spent with Earth 616. In that time I’ve seen my fair share of alternate timeline X-Kids trying to fix something. I’ve seen my fair share of clones, not clones, no wait still clones. I’ve seen more trades than any sports team with the Avengers. I’ve seen an Onslaught and my Heroes Reborn. So when you tell me there’s a new Onslaught, by gosh, I expect some Heroes Reborn.

Ant-Man #1Since the end of the first arc of Uncanny Avengers, most of us had guessed the Red Onslaught was coming. If you picked up the first issue of New Avengers you know “Everything Dies”. Marvel has made some big announcements at NYCC. They’ve announced a new Hawkeye book with JEFF LEMIRE writing it, an ANT-MAN book with Nick Spencer, and a new SECRET WARS. So when I say I feel a HEROES REBORN coming, I mean I feel it in my bones.

I know whatcha thinking: the nerd rage is so potent I feel in my adamantium skeleton. Here’s what I’m gonna say, it might cost you. I, as a long time fan, make the decision to continue to buy mostly Marvel, not because I’m a diehard, but because I like what I’m reading. I buy it because the stories and art are good. Because I like the direction and freedom given to the creative teams. I like that things change. I’m not here to speculate about what big event is next or the consequences of the current event. Its an ongoing story, of course not everything is gonna stick, but if its a good read then I’m down.

I will say this too, though: if you like a book, then support it. If you pirate and complain about it getting canned, your fault. Support your Hawkeye #1favorite titles. Rant about them. This is truly the age of the fan. We are Marvel Now! We complain about the lack of change, well its here, lets enjoy what we have while we have it. Lets celebrate diversity in our titles as they begin to reflect the diversity of US. I’m saying now is the time to BECOME a Marvel fan, and now is a time to fall in love with Marvel again. They are taking more and more chances on some of our favorite characters. Sure they may get cancelled really quick but it does feel good to say they made a #1 of my favorite character. You don’ have to buy every book but if you like em like me, get em.

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