Is Secret Wars 2015 Marvel’s Reboot?

Secret Wars 2015While it was rumored earlier this year as Marvel debuted the Time Runs Out story arc in the Avengers, and the numerous drastic changes certainly all point in that direction, Marvel Comics is giving even more ammo to the “Marvel Reboot” rumor patrol by giving us a teaser of the publisher’s Summer 2015 event, and it’s a doozy!We don’t have any solid details, but we do have this single image, and a creative team setup for the title, which leads everyone to believe that Secret Wars 2015 will be the capstone to Jonathan Hickman’s current Avengers event Time Runs Out which has flipped the Marvel U so hard on its head that all signs point to a line-wide reboot, but I’m still a big naysayer of the whole reboot idea, and this seems to be another just another Marvel bait & switch to this reader.

Of course, only time will tell, but if this event turns out to be half as good as writer Jonathan Hickman’s run on Avengers and their associated events, it’s going to be a must-read. Having artist Esad Ribic on the event makes things so much nicer.

There will be more news about this event as we approach the May 2015 release of Secret Wars, but that just means there’s plenty of time to spin up the rumor mill. What do you think Marvel has in mind with Secret Wars 2015?

6 thoughts on “Is Secret Wars 2015 Marvel’s Reboot?”

  1. It looks like this is going to be a really fun arc. I’m not sure if a reboot is a good idea either, but I’m not entirely against it since I feel like the current Marvel comics have been getting a little too “out there” lately. With cosmic beings left and right, it makes it a little harder for regular superheroes like Daredevil and Spiderman to function without you wondering what the point of it all is. I’m naturally rooting for the 616 Avengers to stomp everyone in the event though.

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    1. With Hickman at the helm, and this spinning out of his Time Runs Out/Multiversal Incursion story, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect…besides awesome!

      My next post will be entirely about the latest Marvel news in the context of a hard reboot, with opinion, thoughts, and repercussions. I’ll let that be my comments about a reboot instead of going on here 🙂


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