Review: Captain America #25

Review: Captain America #25

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Carlos Pacheco and Mariano Taibo with Stuart Immoenen and Wade Von Grawbadger

Who is the new Captain America? Stephen Colbert told me it was going to be Sam Wilson aka the Falcon but he got blown up last issue by a nuclear bomb… Wait, Sam Wilson is the new Captain America? So the cliffhanger from last issue was pointless? Oh, so that’s why I didn’t enjoy this issue all that much.

The Good

The art in this issue was really great. Pacheco and Taibo have this really nice painting-esqe style that is just pretty to look at. The colors are bright and vibrant, something that this volume of Captian America has been missing for a while, and really makes it look like this is a brand new day  for Captain America. Good stuff, gentlemen.

I also really enjoyed the character arc of Jet Black here. Jet and Wilson have been having a very interesting relationship that i know will play out more in the next volume, but Jet makes a decision here that will have a profound effect on both characters from this point forward. Remender has a plan, and I like where this plan is going, but please do not screw this up like the rest of the issue.

The Bad

All joking aside, I understand why Remender had Falcon do what he did in this issue. Falcon sacrificing himself so that everyone else has a chance to live is a very selfless Captain America thing to do and it helps solidify himself as the obvious choice to take the mantle of Captain America. I just wish the end to this wasn’t spoiled so far in advanced because it literally just drained all the fun out of the issue. We all knew Falcon had to be fine because he was destined to headline the next volume of Captain America. Sure, Remender has Falcon aknowledge once he is revealed as the new Cap that everyone already knew it was coming, but it still would have been a much better moment coming into it blind. I know this leads into a whole other article about advertising, spoilers, and what not in the comics industry, but this particular issue has all the fun just sucked all out it by the Marvel hype machine.

On a side note, that Avengers meeting was super annoying. It was like three pages long and just about how bad everyone is at telling jokes. It wasn’t funny and just distracted from the real reason why everyone was there. Just killed the moment for me.

The Verdict

What should have been Sam Wilson’s victory lap crashes and burns in the final issue of Captain America. It isn’t terrible, but this issue is definitely not as good as it should have been. Not by a long shot. The crux of the issue has been spoiled already, sapping a lot of the fun away, and the rest of it suffers from some sloppy scripting and annoying Avengers. At least the art is pretty…

Story: 2 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 3 out of 5

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