Review: Death of Wolverine #1

Review: Death of Wolverine #1

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, and Justin Ponsor

For all of you complaining about Wolverine being everywhere at once, well here you go. We have finally gotten to the Death of Wolverine. The angry canuck has lost his healing factor and someone has put a bounty on his head. Surprisingly enough, this was a really good read.

The Good

First and foremost, the art is the real winner here in Death of Wolverine. I should know by now not to doubt McNiven’s work. His pencils are simply amazing. Everything is detailed almost to a stupid degree. The inks and the colors are no slouch either. Everything blends together to make a beautiful, albeit a bit gory, book.

Charles Soule has writing duties for this book and he elected to keep things simple. This was the right decision. This is a Wolverine story we are talking about here. He don’t need some overtly convoluted plot. We just need to watch Wolverine stab some people that want to kill him and that is what we get. I really enjoyed how Soule highlighted where Wolverine was hurting using the text boxes. It was interesting and fun for the most part.

The Bad

That five dollar price tag is ugly. Yeah, the book is shiny and has a ton of special features in it, but honestly if I am going to pay five bucks for one issue then I expect more story. I would buy the trade if I wanted special features.

The Verdict

McNiven is a master. His art is brilliant and Soule’s beautifully simple story isn’t that far behind. Now if only this book didn’t cost five bucks

Story: 4 out of 5

Art 5 out of 5

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

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