Review: Void

[Cover Art Image]

Written by Herik Hanna
Art by Sean Phillips
Published by Titan Comics
Cover Price: $9.99

Void is a tale of loneliness, madness, and horror. John is the lone survivor of Goliath 01, a very large space prison ship. The ship itself has been riddled inert after a collision with some space debris but John’s real problem is Colonel Mercer, the ship’s captain. It turns out he went crazy and killed everyone on the ship and is out to kill John too. Can John defeat Colonel Mercer, survive the loneliness of space, get the ship working, and find help?

The Good

If you are even faintly familiar with anything Sean Phillips has done, then you know that the art work in this book is phenomenal. Not to down play Herik Hanna’s script by any means, but the art on display here is the main reason to pick up Void. It is dark and creepy when it wants to be, crazy and loopy at times too, but also has a very interesting and fluid panel layout during the action scenes that makes reading them a very kinetic experience. I can go on all day about the art but lets shift gears and talk about the script.

Herik Hanna has an interesting little story going on here. It is not necessarily original, mind you, but interesting. John’s decent into madness is just fun to read. Hanna gives John a very strong internal voice which is good because his is the only voice we hear for the vast majority of the time. All of the situations that John is thrown into here are interesting as well. Wild and crazy thing happen on Goliath 01 and I’m glad Hanna is here to tell me about them. Hanna is smart and keeps things moving at a brisk pace as well. It is one thing to talk about the loneliness and boredom of space, but an entirely different thing to bore the reader because nothing happens. In fact, a ton of things happen in this small little book. There is very little down time at all and I think that is to Void‘s benefit. It is better for the plot to get to where it is going than meander around and take its sweet time.

The Bad

The one negative thing I will say about the plot is that the twist at the end is pretty predictable. Like I said earlier, this isn’t the most original tale ever told, but it is told really well. If you just take the ride for what it is then you will not be disappointed.

The other negative here is the length. Void is only 48 pages long. I can see a lot of people skipping over this book because of that, wanting to spend their ten bucks on something more substantial like an Image trade, but you would be missing out. Yes, Void is not that long, but that also means the Herik Hanna doesn’t pad this book out with useless filler. He uses just the amount of space that he needs to tell his story and he tells it. No more and no less.

The Verdict

I’m a sucker for space, psychological horror, and the amazing artwork of Sean Phillips, so Void is right up my alley. If any of those things appeal to you too and you have an extra ten bucks in your pocket then I highly recommend this book. It is dark, disturbing, and yet still a lot of fun.

Story: 4 out of 5
Art: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

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