Mutant of the Moment – Wolverine

Mutant Name: WolverineAll-New-Marvel-NOW-Wolverine

Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett

Notable Aliases: Logan, Logan Howlett, Patch, Captain Canada, Weapon X (Ten), Death, Mutate #9601, Emilio Garra, Weapon Chi, Experiment X, Agent Ten, Peter Richards, Mai’ keth, Black Dragon, Captain Terror, John Logan, Jim Logan, Revolto the Clown

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #180

Background: Wolverine not only has adamantium grafted to his skeleton and claws but also has an incredible healing factor which has allowed him to live a very long time. Born in the 1880’s in Alberta Canada, young James Howlett was a sickly little boy born to rich farm owners John and Elizabeth Howlett. Though it is insinuated that he is really the son of Thomas Logan, the Howlett’s grounds keeper. After being thrown off the Howletts’ property for violent actions perpetrated by his other son, named simply Dog, Thomas returns to the Howlett manor and kills John Howlett. In retaliation, young James kills Thomas with bone claws that emerge from the back of his hands as his mutation manifests, James is casted out. James takes the name Logan and wanders a many years on the earth creating friend and enemies until he is recruited by a team known as Weapon X who implant memories and wipe his mind until he was their perfect soldier.  After going rogue he is recovered and aided by Charles Xavier who asks him to join the X-Men, where he has stayed a very long time

Why He Matters Now: Wolverine is alongside Storm running the Jean Grey School for the gifted and teaching the next wave of Mutants in Wolverine and the X-Men. Wolverine is also standing beside former X-Force and current Avengers in the epic dimension crashing Uncanny Avengers. He’s even been seen mentoring a young hero in Ms. Marvel! And I know if that’s not enough you can catch him in various back grounds in Hickman’s Avengers. Wolverine has currently lost his healing factor and is struggling with being scared for his life for the first and of course like all X-men his time is up which you can find in Wolverine and Death of Wolverine.


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