SDCC: Best Hits TV

San Diego Comic Con International may be over, but we’re not done talking about all the fun. We’ll be bringing you articles on all the news, previews, and awesome that came from the west coast last weekend all week long with recaps, commentary, podcasts, and more. There was a bunch of talk about DC’s upcoming TV lineup, but that wasn’t the only TV buzz at ComicCon this year.

Korra Leaves TV

The first news I want to cover is less Korraabout a show getting a time-slot on a TV channel, and more of a show losing one; but it’s not all bad, and may even be the best thing to happen to the series. I’m, of course, talking about the news that The Legend of Korra would no longer be shown on Nickelodeon for an undetermined amount of time, and the last 5 episodes of the current season would be made available online. While many fans saw this as a sign of impending cancellation of the highly popular show, Korra moving away from traditional TV is simply a sign of the times, and Nick’s treatment of the series leading up to this season was not what I would call favorable for a show that had 4 million regular viewers per episode in its previous season. I really believe that The Legend of Korra will continue to have success, and more seasons, distributing online, which will be good for the creators, the fans, and Nick (since they don’t have to bother with it anymore).

Evil Dead TV Series

While it doesn’t have a buyer yet, or a cast, or a producer, or a finished script, Sam Raimi announced that he is in fact working on an Evil Dead TV series, and, yes, Bruce Campbell is involved. Although this was barely an announcement, may Bruce Campbellnever happen, and may not even adapt well to the small screen, I can’t help be be so freaking excited by this news! A network would be silly not to pick this show up; an actor or actress would be silly not to take a job on the show; and with so many streaming options available from Netflix to PSN, I can almost guarantee you we will see this happen.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

“They’re screwing with the wrong people!”

Enough said! Well, almost enough said. This was a very well made trailer, and there’s almost an after credits Easter egg feel to the whole thing. Yes, I so want to know about the gang at Terminus, but, holy shit, I forgot all about Beth! It’s gonna be good!

Marvel TV

What other name can we give it? With two series confirmed, one going strong, and more Netflix series on the way, “Marvel TV” should eventually be it’s own thing. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be adding comic book Avenger Mockingbird to the cast, and Joe & Anthony Russo are set to direct a few episodes of the upcoming Agent Carter series. Pre-Con news like Lucy Lawless coming to SHIELD, and Hydra’s Kraken and a real live human Jarvis coming to Agent Carter, were great= but I was Guardians of thr Galaxy animated seriesreally hoping for more news about the Netflix stuff. Oh well, at least we got an announcement for a Guardians of the Galaxy animated show. I love that team!


DC, by far, has the bigger upcoming and ongoing TV lineup when compared to their comic book rival, but they didn’t have much on the way of brand new news. The biggest tidbit was the debut of longtime DC comics badguy and Batman movie villain R’as al Ghul will be heading to Arrow for season three. Here’s a preview

Constantine got a brand new trailer, and out of all the DC shows I think this is the one I’m most looking forward to. Here’s the trailer, but DC had even more goodness at SDCC.

GothamGotham got some new artwork in preparation of the premiere in a couple of months, but there wasn’t any real new news out about either the Batman-free Batman show, or the upcoming Flash TV show. While this was a bit disappointing, with so damn many DC TV series continuing or starting, I understand why they put the focus where they did. Gotham and Constantine are dropping on major networks, Arrow is already a hit, so Flash is going to have to wait for his impending success before he gets any real ComicCon love.

The Verdict

It was a mixed bag for TV at SDCC this year, with cancellations, moves, more hype, but no real new news. Sure, the Guardians animated series was new, but anyone who keeps up with Marvel animated stuff knew that was coming. I really wanted to see something from a Marvel Netflix show, and I was hoping that DC had yet another show secretly being planned for the near future that would be announced, but all in all it was not a terrible weekend for the small screen. I left out so much too; Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, and way too many others to count.Lucky for me I’m not Outright Geekery’s only contributor, so look for even more TV stuff from SDCC later this week…maybe.


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