Rant: Where Are My DC Books At?


This week marked the return to the stands of Scott Snyder’s and Jim Lee’s Superman Unchained.  I read it. It was okay. Know what would have made it better? If I had actually remembered what had happened in the last issue. Superman Unchained #7 came out yesterday, July 2nd. Issue 6 came out on March 16th. What the crap, DC? How do expect me to care, let alone just understand a book if you take two to three months just to put it on the stands? There are at least four other books out on the stands right now that headline Superman, so why on Earth would I want to wait around for a book that may or may not come out this month.

This isn’t the first time DC has done this in recent history too. Do any of you remember a little event called Forever Evil. I do. It almost reminds me exactly of Superman Unchained. Both are good books. I enjoy the story in both. That said, the last issue of Forever Evil was delayed for like two months. DC, how can you delay and not have finished the finale issue of what is by far your biggest event since the start of the New 52? How can you let the ending of that event be spoiled by other titles that had to keep going because they couldn’t wait the two months for Forever Evil #7 to come out? This is just disgraceful and unprofessional.

Look, i get it. You are at least putting of 52 books a month. That’s a big load, but also remember that you were the one to commit to that load. It is your responsibility to make sure things come out at a reasonable time. I’m a realist, though. There are going to be delays here are there. That happens.  So far you have also managed to keep to your weekly schedule pretty well. I commend you for that, DC. I just don’t want these massive delays popping up more and becoming more of a problem than they actually are now. If you want me to remember your book exists, let alone buy, then put the freaking thing out at a reasonable time. Anyone remember Sandman Overture? I didn’t until I started writing this. Get on it DC.

3 thoughts on “Rant: Where Are My DC Books At?”

  1. It appears that books with Jim Lee doing the artwork are likely to be delayed.

    It would be nice if DC were upfront about exactly what caused the delays.


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