Transformers 4 Age of Extinction – my full review by Lawrence of America

imagesPASS ON IT! – I know all the fan boys will go see it any way, and I’m sure it will make a ton of money.  Really tho this movie brought nothing new to the table.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – With a movie like this half of reason people go see it is the special effects and they were ok at best.  When stuff exploded (and it did constantly) it often did in an unrealistic way and thus looking more like a fireworks display than a battle.  The cg was almost on par with the first one (I guess).  It felt like they skimped on the sound effects a bit much with of the fight scenes having cheesy background music instead of explosions.   The Deceptacons no longer transform but but the denigrate and reform.  The Deceptacons also look like the “squids” from matrix reloaded when they hover and fly.  ***WARNING The over use of the lens flair effect made some scenes literally painful to watch akin to staring at the sun .***

PLOT / STORY – Really I wasn’t expecting much if any and that is exactly what it delivered.

Overall if you have an itch to see robots fight go rent Pacific Rim and save your self $15.

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