Rant: How Did I Start Buying All These Events?

Event MontageI’m not really sure how it happened. No, I take that back, I know exactly how it happened, and it’s a sinister ploy involving “accidental” scheduling foul-ups and interesting comics. Let me explain.

Forever Evil 7I was reading Forever Evil, and it was great, but then it just stopped sometime in February. Because of the tie-ins, Justice League and Justice League of America also both stopped. I mean, they just stopped coming out! I had all of this extra money to spend on other books, and damn it if DC didn’t provide me some in the meantime. So, I jumped on both Batman Eternal and Futures End (which isn’t all that much more money a month if you account for the differing cover prices), and they are actually pretty good for weekly books. But now that Forever Evil came back to life this week, I now have Justice League books to buy again, and my wallet is taking the hit. But that’s only half of the problem.

After the events of Marvel’s…well…event Infinity, I was all ramped up for the Inhuman title ORIGINAL_SIN_ELEMENTSthat was supposed to come on the heels of that event. But, a last minute writer change, and some obvious problems with the art in some capacity, pushed this book back a couple of months. So, what was I supposed to do with that extra cash? I’ll tell you what I did, I bought the damn Original Sin event’s first issue, and damn if it wasn’t just a fun little old comic book. But now Inhuman is due to come back to shelves, and my wallet is going to take a hit. Is there an echo in here?

Okay, so this is obviously not a new problem; readers are always cash strapped because there’s always another comic book to be bought; but this is a comic book perfect storm of epic proportions, and something’s going to have to give…or I’ll just leave some books in my hold-box for an extra week.

This was a huge week for comic books from all sides, and I’m not sure it’s going to stop throughout the summer. Maybe I’m crying about money again, but really it’s just a great time to be a comic book fan. Which also makes it a terrible time for comic book fans.

One thought on “Rant: How Did I Start Buying All These Events?”

  1. It is a function of writer’s scripting their story arcs for the trade paperback. One main 6-7 issue arc then a bunch of tie-in 6 issue arcs that can be sold separately.


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