Review: All New Ultimates #1

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All-New Ultimate #1

Writer: Michel Fiffe

Artist: Amilcar Pinna

Let me be the first to say this isn’t your parent’s Ultimates. This is a step in a new direction for the Ultimates. Taking the group of misfit teens from Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man. A new much younger Ultimates is assembled in this issue. Staring the Ultimate Universe’s Kitty Pryde, Spider-Woman(Now the Ultimate Black Widow), Spider-Man, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger. This is obviously a different kind of Teen Team. One that is trying to take themselves more seriously. Their Universe’s S.H.I.E.L.D. is now completely defunct and the surving members of the orignal Ultimates have left to purse new things. The legacy of the Ultimate is left in the hands of these young heroes.

The Good

It was def a good call to not make Miles Morales(Ultimate Spidey) the focal point in the story. Morales may be the most popular Ultimate Character, but he has his own title. The focus on Kitty’s confusion with her new found popularity for saving the world and confusion on how to move forward really made for some convincing plot. I liked Jessica Drew(Formerly Ultimate Spider-Woman now new Black Widow) taking charge of the team and pressing them to work harder. The Skull Serpent Gang is honestly a cool homage to the Serpent Society from the 616 and I totally dug it. Pinna art nails the look of everyone early which is def what you need in a 1st issue. I think this is a great step in the right direction, doing something we have all thought about. What if the young heroes got their chance to take the mantle from the Originals. While we may never seen the Young Avenger become the Avengers. We can see these Ultimate young heroes take the Ultimates Mantle!

The Bad

This is certainly not the easiest first issue to get if you haven’t been reading Ultimate Spider-Man. Its fine to ignore previous Ultimates titles but you kinda needed to read Ultimate Spider-Man right before Cataclysm to know just what is going on. A lot is thrown in to this issue which is pulled for the rest of the Ultimate Universe. While the team is all new Ultimates, not a very all new start to them meeting. If you don’t get that this is more of a replacement of Ultimate X-Men as the teen heroes, then you might now understand why the Ultimate are so young. Ultimate FF will certainly be the real Ultimates replacement.

The Verdict

Having recent become a fan of the Ultimate Universe this is def one of those examples what they can do in the Ultimate Universe that can’t be done in regular continuity. It’s a cool concept and I really hope it can go all the places its meant to. I enjoyed what was laid out in this issue and think it can only get better from here. This is not for everyone. I’m sure all the hardcore Ultimates Fans did not like this issue, and the Hardcore Ultimate Spider-Man fans loved it. As regular 616 Marvel readers you know the Ultimate Universe may not be for you. As a long time All Marvel fan I liked this issue and will pick up the next one.

This issue got 3 Ultimate Teen Brigades out of 5

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