Review: Thor: God of Thunder #20

Thor: God of Thunder

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Esad Ribic
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 19, 2014

This week saw the release of Thor: God of Thunder #20, which continues the story of Thor’s quest to thwart the nefarious Roxxon corporation as well as the build-up for a battle between the Thor of the far future and an ancient Galactus. This book under this creative team has consistently been one of the best things Marvel has been producing, so I’ve been anxious to see if this arc can keep up that high standard. Now that this story has had a couple of issues to dig its feet in, it seems like a good time to take stock of the situation.

The Good

I’m glad to say that both the writing and the art are firing on all cylinders for this issue. Aaron continues to show an intimate understanding of what makes Thor tick, both in his modern and future incarnations. Thor’s high-spirited banter in a local Midwestern café is a delight to read (“Lord William the Younger! More swine flesh and bird embryos!”) while the All-Father’s dialogue with the World Eater is appropriately foreboding. Meanwhile, we are given a peak into the demented psyche of our new villain Dario Agger, as he displays his ruthless nature and monstrous secrets. All said, the story moves along at a strong pace, delivering entertaining moments while promising greater spectacle in the issues to come. That’s not all, though, as the stories value is enhanced exponentially by the art of Esad Ribic, who is once again delivering the grand spectacle he excels at. Seeing his depiction of the withered and ancient Galactus alone makes this issue a sight to behold, but the way he able handles the art from cover to cover makes us realize why is so important to this title.

The Bad

The only bad I can come up with is that while this issues lays the groundwork for some epic show downs, we still haven’t gotten to the real meat of the story arch yet. So basically, my biggest complaint is that I’m not reading next months issue right now.

The Verdict

Month after month, this title continues to astonish, and this issue is no exception. Those of you who aren’t picking it up are depriving yourselves of one of the most fun rides in the comic world; hell, even the recap page had clever and entertaining elements to it. If you have any interest at all in super hero comics, you’d be wise to catch up on this run, including this issue.

4.5 out of 5

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