Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #6

Superman Wonder Woman 6

Art and cover by TONY S. DANIEL and BATT
32 pg
$3.99 US

I’m becoming a huge fan of Charles Soule! Sure, he had some indie success a few years ago, but he really hit hard at the big two publishers only last year, and he’s written hit after hit. His work on She-Hulk over at Marvel is breathing new life into the character, and his Red Lanterns and Thunderbolts has been just as unique and interesting, but it’s been quite a different matter altogether writing characters like Superman and Wonder Woman. Everyone knows these character by heart; you just can’t refit them and go about writing someone “new”. Soule has really shown that he has the range to keep up with standards, while showing his ability by nicely putting a new twist on this super-couple.

The Good

This entire first arc of Superman/Wonder Woman has been full of all kinds of awesome; ranging from killer Kryptonians to jealous gods; and nothing ever seemed to get bogged down or get away from the writer at any time. The same can certainly be said for this issue, except Soule perfectly brings all of those elements that have made the entire run great into a single thread and pulls them neatly through the eye of the needle, just waiting to sew the whole story arc up next issue. The writer planted seeds very early in the run, still told an very endearing love story, and was able to reap the rewards and give them to the readers in a very nice package. That package was made even nicer with Tony S. Daniel’s brilliant work on art. The consistency from panel to panel, the intimate close-ups, the epic two-page spreads, the character emotion, the fast-paced action panels! Everything is a wonder to look at, and he did a super job.

The Bad

The only real problem I had with this issue were very minor story problems. The League being unavailable while Zod was bringing an entire army through the Phantom Zone seems completely implausible, and should never have even been mentioned. It would have been better to just let readers come up with their own excuse than to drive a flimsy one so hard. Also, Superman’s final solution seems almost as terrible as the problem it was meant to solve. I’m not sure that nuclear fallout is better than a terrible army lead by one of the galaxies most hardened generals, but I have to admit it’s a tough call. Still, it’s a decision I’m not sure was anything more than a convenient way to have an unbreakable man sacrifice himself for love, which seemed kind of cheap and maybe even a bit lazy, but made for a much better love story, which is what this is supposed to be anyways.

The Verdict

Besides some “whoops, I almost fell in there!” plot-holes, Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is a terrific comic book, and should go down as one of the most significant moments in one of the most important relationships in all of comics. I mean, no one can know how long love will last, but the relationship being established between Superman and Wonder Woman cannot be denied as something uniquely interesting. And it’s great to see an up-and-comer breaking through on another great title, doing the kind of work a title like this deserves. Great action; great characters; a relationship for the ages. A great comic book!

Story: 4 Out of 5
Art: 4.5 Out of 5
Overall: 4.5 Out of 5

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