Review: Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel #1

32 PGS.
Rated T+

The one, the only, Carol Danvers is back! It’s funny because I didn’t realize she left in the first place. Oh, I knew she was there before. People couldn’t stop ranting and raving about the amazing job Kelly Sue DeConnick was doing with Captain Marvel, a character that was never really able to carve out her own personal niche. Alas, Captain Marvel’s groundbreaking last run was canceled a month or so ago and was then relaunched with this first issue of Captain Marvel, and all I can ask myself is “why?” Why cancel a book that has reached a certain standard of success and begin a new volume? Honestly, I can’t figure it out, and this first issue of Captain Marvel makes almost no sense at all in its own context.

The Good

The art in this book is very strong, quite consistent, and does a great job of carrying a story full of flashbacks, alien worlds, and superhero shenanigans. The writing was equally nice, with each and every character coming off as authentic, and each and every scene transitioning nicely to the next. This first ish was supposed to set up Carol’s whole “journey of self” via journey through space adventure; culminating with her joining the Guardians of the Galaxy at some point; and that aspect of this new direction for the character showed nicely. Despite this being an issue #1, however, it felt more like the last issue of a run, not the first.

The Bad.

Although the book begins with Captain Marvel on an alien planet with some unknown alien cohorts, the majority of the issue is a flashback, giving some closure to what I can only assume were things that occurred in the previous volume of Captain Marvel. Now that’s all fine and good for readers of THAT comic, but this was NOT that comic. This was supposed to be something new to attract new readers, and it was nothing more than an homage to a previous piece of work, and a reward for long-time readers. While I’m really happy for those devoted readers, this first issue of a new volume did nothing to help attract new readers, which should be the goal of a new volume and a #1. It felt more like a blatant bait and switch and abuse of the relaunch than I have experienced in quite some time.

The Verdict

This was a great comic book, but a really bad first issue. If this had been the bridging title between two story arcs it may have been closer to a perfect comic, but because of the terrible presentation and misdirection of an assumed relaunch, everything just fell flat. I love Carol Danvers as a character, and I can’t wait until she joins the Guardians, but Captain Marvel #1 was not the book I was looking for, did not feel like the first issue of a new volume, and should not have been released as such. Issue #2 promises to be a true “first issue” story, but I’m not going to be taking the chance.

Story: 2 out of 5
Art: 3.5 out of 5
Overall: 2.5 out of 5


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