10 Characters that should be in the next Super Smash Bros

Super_Smash_Bros_4_merged_logo,_no_subtitle I don’t know about everyone else, but I was extremely disappointed with Brawl. A lot of the characters felt like clones of each other and instead of going deeper into the Nintendo Mewtwocatalog, a lot of new characters where from the same series that were already introduced in the Smash universe. Plus they got rid of Mewtwo and replaced him with a furry. Anyhow, with Brawl’s roster there wasn’t much of a reason to switch over from Melee, and this new Smash Bros game isn’t giving me much hope either. Megaman should have been in Brawl, and who seriously wants to play as the Fitness Trainer. The only thing that I liked about the new Smash Bros is that its going to be on the 3DS, so I don’t have a to buy a WiiU to play it.

But all of that changed this last weekend when they announced Little Mac from Punch Out. He looks perfect for the game, and I’m wondering why no one has thought about adding him into the series before now. The new Smash Bros game needs more characters like Little Mac. Characters that are original and bring an unique fighting style to the game.

little_mac_punches_in_thumbSo if Nintendo is listening, here are ten characters I’d like to see in the next game.

10. Travis Touchdown – No More Heroes (Wii)
10_TravisThis character is the least likely to be added, since he’s from a game that earns its M rating. But having the fowl mouthed assassin with a single tracked mind would be a great sword wielding character to the roster. Plus his character is perfect for Smash Bros. He’s constantly trying to prove that he’s the best badass around and what better way to prove that than taking out Nintendo’s top characters.

Special move: In the game, Travis’ lightsaber is extremely cheep and is constantly needing to be recharged. I suggest that the strength of his moves should revolve around the battery level of his lightsaber, which is steadily decreasing as the battle goes on. Holding down the B button would let Travis stop and charge his sword. The higher your charge, the more damage you cause and vise-versa. It’ll balance the character from being too powerful, and force the player to think about how they use their special moves

09. Agent J – Elite Beat Agents (DS)
09_AgentJEveryone underestimates the power of the Elite Beat Agents. They’ve done everything from helping people achieve their life long dreams to stopping a full on alien invasion, all with the power of music and dance. Its time for the Agents to prove their superiority in the battle arena.

Special Move: If the EBA have taught mankind anything, its the power of music is contagious, and no one can reset its charms. It’d be great if the Agents had a counter move that would cause an attacking foe to be stopped in their tracks, and start dancing. Marth comes in swinging his sword, and BOOM! Now he’s doing the Macarena for 5 seconds, leaving him open for an attack. Instead of delivering a counter blow, it paralyzes that opponent, and it adds a little humiliation to the other player.

08. Zitz – Battletoads (NES)
08_ZitzThis game is legendary. There’s no way you can make a list of the most difficult games in history without mentioning Battletoads. They’ve earned a place in the Smash Bros roster since the beginning, and it about time they’re given their due. Their kickass frogs with badass attitudes, what more do you need?

Special Move: The up B attack should be Zitz shooting a rope up into the air and Zitz being able to perform a series of hanging attacks. Much like the second level of the game. The trick with this rope would be it would need to connect to the bottom of a platform in order to get it to work. If it doesn’t connect, Zitz will fall to the ground, or his death if he’s over the edge. While it would be tricky to recover with this move, if preformed in an enclosed area, the hanging moves would cause a massive amount of damage.

07. Amy – Sonic The Hedgehog (Multiple)
07_AmyI know what you’re saying, “BUT IT SHOULD BE KNUCKLES!” and you would be right. Its just he’s the obvious choice, and I think Amy would bring a bit more variety in terms of her combat abilities. While she would move about the screen like Sonic, her normal physical attacks would be centered around her hammer. She’s play like a mix between Sonic and King Dedede, but be far better at executing combo attacks.

Special Move: We all know Amy has a crush on Sonic, but it would be great if her left or right B attack would be an attack I’d call, “Blinded by Love.” Amy would confuse whatever male foe she’s next too as Sonic and jump on their back, throwing her arms around the enemy’s neck, and just continue to squeeze so hard it causes damage. After a few squeezes she begins to notice its not Sonic and she screams, slapping the enemy across the screen. If she uses this attack on a female character, Amy believes the character is the one Sonic is cheating on her with and she performs the same attack. When she uses the attack on Sonic, it’s a one hit KO.

06. Simon Belmont – Castlevania (NES)
06_SimonThe original video game vampire slayer would shine in the Smash Bros arena. Assuming the character is using his whip, he’d be the kind of character that would be focused on long distance physical attacks. While they don’t inflect heavy damage, he’d be able to maneuver away from counter attacks before they could land. He’d also be good with jumping attacks. Simon would just be that character that’s all about how he’s able to move across the screen.

Special Move: For his left or right B, Simon would throw a bottle of Holy Water. When it misses a character and lands on the floor, the bottle shatters and the Holy Water spills on the floor. When an evil character walks across the Holy Water, they slip, fall and take damage. When a good character walks across this item, they just trip over the item. It would be possible for a character to catch the bottle before it lands, and use it against Simon. For all characters, if the bottle hits a character, it causes light damage.

05. Ryu Hayabusa – Ninja Gaiden (NES)
05_RyuAnother classic on the NES, that needs to be included in the Smash Bros roster. Ryu would be about striking fast and striking hard. While not big on combos, Ryu would only need one strike to end your life, so there’s no need for additional strikes. There’s also a distinct lack of ninjas in Smash Bros, which needs to be fixed.

Special Move: One of the moves Ryu had in the NES games was being able to change his throwing attack with certain pick-up items. With his down B move, he’s switch his throwing attack between fast throwing shuriken, the larger shuriken that bounces around the screen, and the fireballs that move in an diagonal. It’ll add a little unpredictability to the character since the move would not have a tell when the execute the move and tell anyone which item he currently has. You think he’s got the fireballs, BOOM, he strikes you with the large shuriken.

04. Red Mage – Final Fantasy (NES)
04_RedMagePeople forget that Final Fantasy got its start on the NES, and out of all of the classes in the original game, the Red Mage would be best suited for Smash Bros. He’d have strong physical mid ranged attacks and powerful long ranged magic attacks. While not the quickest on his feet, he’d be a perfect character for beginners who are trying to figure out their playing style.

Special Move: Down B should be Curaga, which heals yourself. The catch of the attack is it takes 10 seconds to charge up for you to use it, leaving yourself open on all sides. If you complete the move, it heals you by 50%. It’s a high risk, high reward short of move that can really change the course of the battle.

03. Young Link – Majora’s Mask (N64)
03_YoungLinkYes, we’ve gotten three different versions of Link now and all of them play the same as each other, which is really disappointing, but I propose of a way to mix up the idea of playing as Young Link. Let this version of Young Link be the one from Majora’s Mask. Here’s the idea.
Special Move: He’d play like the Pokemon Trainer, but instead of changing Pokemon with the down B, he’d changes masks. The first would be Deku Link, then Goron Link and finally Zora Link. Deku Link would be fast and light hitting, Goron Link would be slow and heavy hitting, while Zora Link would have a long reach. He’d be three characters in one, and it would be way more interesting than playing as another Link clone.

02. Billy & Jimmy Lee – Double Dragon (NES)
02_BillyJimmyJimmy would be a short ranged brawler, who’s quick on his feet and an expert at throws and counters. While chances are high that he’d end up as a generic brawler type, I’m too much of a fan of Double Dragon not to include him in this list. Although you could look at this character like you would like the Ice Climbers where both Jimmy and Billy as one character. They’d run across the screen, one would attack low and the other would attack high, making them hard to avoid. Unlike the Ice Climbers though, the greatest weakness of this character would be if one got taken out, the other would follow suit.

Special Move: The Left and Right B button would be Jimmy grabbing Billy and throwing him at the opponent. The catch with this move is that it’ll cause damage to the player. While the damage would be huge and hard to avoid for the opponent, it needs that self inflected player damage to even out the move.
01. Krystal – Star Fox Adventures (GC)
01_KrystalI’m possibly the only person on the face of the planet that actually liked Star Fox Adventures, but one thing this game gave us that seems to have survived in the series is the character, Krystal. She’ll fight with the staff and used the same moves displayed in Adventures. Staff melee attacks, fireball projectiles, staff jump and staff throw would be her be B attacks. I think she could hold her own in a fight against the rest of the boys.

Special Move: For a Final Smash, she could pull out Trickie’s ball and summon him to the field. Krystal would throw the ball across the screen and Trickie would chase after it, knocking out everyone and everything in his path. If the ball doesn’t go over the edge, Trickie would pick up the ball and return it to you. If the ball falls out of the arena, Trickie jumps down after it.

Well those are my picks for the upcoming Smash Bros game. Did I leave anyone out?

3 thoughts on “10 Characters that should be in the next Super Smash Bros”

  1. I totally agree with Young Link! As for characters to represent the Sonic Universe, I’d much rather see Shadow go in there and kick ass. Maybe Rouge too. Or have at least one of them as unlockable characters…
    Would I be the only one into some kind of Paper Mario refrence?


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