Review: Mighty Avengers #5


Mighty Avengers #5

Writer: Al Ewing

Pencils; Greg Land

The dust settles, the team is being built, new headquarters ready, now who’s gonna lead the team? If Spidey get’s his way it’ll be the Superior Avengers, or will Luke Cage get to lead his Mighty Avenger for hire? Elsewhere we have Spectrum, Ronin, Lil Power Man, and White Tiger taking care of some business or the dark magic variety. A battle of whits and fist begins between the Cages and Superior Spider-man and his henchmen. Spectrum lets us in on how the mysterious new Ronin tends to slip away when he gets what he wants done. Lurking in the shadows a woman who via Terrigen Mist now how the ability to slow down time to a stop. This title has been awesome, but this issue didn’t live up to the Mighty things I’ve been enjoying in this title

The Good

I flat out loved the fight between PowerMan(Luke Cage) and Power Woman(Jessica Jones) and the Superior! Oh and the Sensational She-Hulk stepping and dropping some legality on Spidey was just awesome! I’m always down for the appearance of the real She-Hulk. Al Ewing def cement’s his team with the way he writes them, it just feels like the title it’s supposed to be. I don’t feel like any character feels unnecessary on the team.

The Bad

Of course Greg Land’s art is gonna be the first thing I complain about, it’s just nasty. Why does everyone have to be posing, and the backgrounds all blurry. This issue was cool but def slowed the pace down after the first four. It kinda dragged its feet on the carpet but at least it worked up some static to give me a little shock. Not enough Falcon, everything could always use more Falcon. Seriously, Marvel let me write a Falcon title, or a Hank Pym title.

The Verdict

I still maintain this is a solid title, it may have lulled a little in this issue, but even so this issue does pack a punch. Cages vs Superior Spider-man, She-Hulk stepping in. Everyone else dealing with a three headed dogmanthing, and this was the slow issue. I def recommend this title, Al Ewing is making very cool moves in this title and I do expect good things coming out of this title soon. This one was a wait for the trade kinda issue.

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