Peripherals I wish I owned

Super Scope

The Super Scope  from Nintendo

When the Super Nintendo was released, I still had the original Nintendo. I knew I just had to have to the SNES and it wouldn’t be another year or so after its release that my parents would finally get me one. I do remember receiving the bright orange NES Zapper with the NES, however I never got a chance to own the supposed improvement upon the Zapper, the Super Scope. Light guns have always been a fascinating peripheral when it comes to home consoles. The SS is no different, I had to have this. It was wireless! It had a scope! It looked like a bazooka! It was just plain bad ass for the time. Though, I would never actually get to use one until much later in life and at that point, the SS just wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be and it ended up being a disappointment. When I did finally get a chance to use the SS, it didn’t work properly, had very few games that interested me and boy does it use a lot of batteries! I can’t imagine shelling out any sort of currency for this lackluster device.

Dance Pad for DDR

Dance Pad for the PS1

Unlike the Super Scope, this purchase was a bit easier to justify at the time. For one, I could afford it and second, dance games were awesome. Instead of pumping quarters into the machine at the arcade, I dreamed of breaking a sweat at home, trying to set my own high scores as opposed to the ones I would never even come close to at the mall. On the other hand, I would look like a fool doing so. I wanted this as a teenager and having this was not as important as my dignity.



The Jogcon from Namco


What exactly is this thing? It’s definitely a controller and when I first saw it, I knew it had to be for a racing game. The wheel design is intuitive looking and my hopes were that it further immersed the player in the driving experience. I almost drooled over the fact that this would be as close to me not having to buy a separate steering wheel. Sadly though, the lack of game support had stopped me from purchasing this controller.

The Power Glove from Nintendo

The Power Glove

Why would anyone want this? I never understood why you wouldn’t; until I was smart enough later in life to read reviews on the glove. Initially I considered trying to find one out of nostalgia. After reading about this device extensively, I decided to stray far, far away from this. Any retro gamer should already know the infamy behind this accessory. Lucky for me, my wish as a child never came true.

Steel Battalion control set from Capcom

Steel Battalion Console

Ho-ly crap … this thing looks awesome and is a dream come true for many gamers. Forget using a joystick to control a huge robot! You need a 40 button console to simulate that experience. Complete with two joysticks, pedals and a glass covered eject button, seeing this hefty controller wet my appetite instantly. If dancing on a cushioned pad makes you look like an idiot than this will at least let you keep your social credibility intact. One could justify the purchase of an Xbox by itself. But, it’d be harder when you put this controller into the mix. My pockets weren’t deep enough so I skipped out on this bad boy.

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